SGA Elections Are in a Week: Here’s What Students Will Vote On

Teresa Schuster / Asst. News Director

SGA elections will be held virtually on March 30 and 31. The positions of SGA president and vice president, Biscayne Bay Campus governor and 47 senate seats are up for election.

This follows the merger between the student government councils at FIU’s Modesto Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus, which restructured SGA, eliminating some positions and creating others.

Students will vote for two campus lower or upper division senators, depending on their year in school, as well as senators from the college their major is housed in. Housing students will also vote for housing senators. All students will be able to vote for the SGA president and vice president, who run on a single ticket; BBC students will also elect a campus governor.

But this year many students will not choose between candidates to represent them.

The executive ticket, BBC governor, and 22 senate seats are uncontested — over 70% of the 35 positions with applicants. 15 senate seats have no applicants and will be vacant following this year’s elections.

The only contested positions are for Engineering and Computing Senator, where seven candidates are running for four seats, School of International and Public Affairs Senator, where eight candidates are running for three seats, and MMC Housing Senator, where four candidates are running for three seats.

The only political party registered is The Future is You, which has been in power for the past two years. Of the senate candidates, 28 are affiliated with the party and 13 are running as independent candidates.

Below is a list of the positions and candidates running for them:

President & Vice President Candidate:

Alexander Rubido – President & Alexandra Ibarria – Vice President – The Future Is You

BBC Governor Candidate:

  • Brian Levine

Business Senator Candidates (5):

  • Alejandro Suarez
  • Rodrigo Alea – The Future Is You
  • Kristina Khudiakova – The Future Is You
  • Sergio Reyes – The Future Is You
  • Maria Paz Grijalba – The Future Is You

College of Arts, Science, and Education (CASE) Senator Candidates (11):

  • Tyler Lopez – The Future Is You
  • Valentina Casanova – The Future Is You
  • Christine Rubido – The Future Is You
  • Jordan Morejon Castelli – The Future Is You
  • Selina Mcfeeley – The Future Is You
  • Daniela Cruz – The Future Is You
  • Natalie Reymundo – The Future Is You
  • Gabriela Alvarez – The Future Is You

Communication, Architecture & the Arts (CARTA) Senator Candidates (2):

  • Ivette Suarez – The Future Is You
  • Gabriela Tovar – The Future Is You

Engineering & Computing Senator Candidates (4):

  • Cristhofer Lugo – The Future Is You
  • Natalie Meneses 
  • Alessandro Colangelo 
  • Shania Layne
  • Hervangelot Lordeus – The Future Is You
  • Justin Bu
  • Eduardo Gonzalez

Graduate Senator Candidates (5):

  • Joshua Mandall

Honors Senator Candidate (1):

  • Alexander Collado – The Future Is You

Hospitality Senator Candidate (1):

  • Celesse Temes – The Future Is You

Housing-MMC Senator Candidates (3):

  • Jacob Bharat
  • Sebastian Aviles – The Future Is You
  • Taylor Sokolosky – The Future Is You
  • Andres Mattutat – The Future Is You

School of International & Public Affairs (SIPA) Senator Candidates (3):

  • Sadie Testa-Secca – The Future Is You
  • Albany Florez 
  • Luis Moros – The Future Is You
  • Alexander Sutton – The Future Is You
  • David Luis 
  • Alexander J. Cobas 
  • Averie Bischoff
  • Maria Alejandra Matiz

Nursing & Health Sciences Senator Candidate (1):

  • Joshua Lovo-Morales – The Future Is You

Public Health & Social Work Senator Candidate (1):

  • Tyra Moss – The Future Is You

Upper Division-MMC Senator Candidates (2):

  • Nicholas Pastrana – The Future Is You
  • Marianne Ostos – The Future Is You

Lower Division-MMC Senator Candidate (1):


Lower Division-BBC Senator Candidate (1):


Upper Division-BBC Senator Candidate (2):


Housing-BBC Senator Candidate (1):


Online Student Senator Candidate (1):


Wertheim College of Medicine (1):


College of Law (1):


A video of how to vote on election day can be found here.

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