E3: Future Games Show Roundup

By Francine Canelo/ Contributing Writer

This past Sunday, June 13, the Future Games Show premiered their virtual conferences on Day 2 of E3 at 7:00 P.M. EST. The event was presented by gamesradar+ and hosted by Troy Baker and Laura Bailey.

Some of the titles in the show were announced earlier at the PC Gaming Show, but here’s what’s new.

The show opened with the trailer for “Instinction,” a single and co-op action game with a focus on exploration and dinosaurs. It’s expected to release sometime in 2022.

A new sandbox game, “Grow: Song of the Evertree” is coming later this year. The game revolves around nurturing unique worlds and helping them grow.

The next segment, “Virtual Show Floor,” showed a virtual arcade of games that had an open demo period on Steam. Some of the games shown in the Virtual Show Floor are as follows: “A Tale of Paper,” “Get Packed Fully Loaded,” “Gatewalkers,” “Gamedec,” “Backbone,” “Beacon Pines,”  “Trifox,” “Timberborn,” and “The Riftbreaker.”

An in-depth trailer for “Esports Boxing Club” showed off the game’s movement system, and teased some options for the over 200 fighters players can choose from when the game releases later this year. 

Another game coming later this year is “Hell Let Loose,” a WW2 shooter. Max Rhea from Black Matter spoke about the authentic qualities of the game, and announced that an early access launch is coming July 27.

“Enlisted” is out now, similar to “Hell Let Loose,” a WW2 shooter. The cross-platform game is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

“Red Solstice 2: Survivors” is releasing on June 17 for PC. Players will get a chance to play the 8 player co-op to save Earth from a mutant invasion. 

One of the more slow-paced games announced during the Future Games Show was “Lake,” a simulation following protagonist Meredith as she takes a break from her city life to work in the postal service. Its expected release date is September 1 for PC and Xbox.

“Eldest Souls,” an action pixel game, is set to release on July 29 of this year for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. 

“Severed Steel” is set to release soon. The fast-paced shooter combines techno-neon and an acrobatic feel, and is making its way to PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog got to see a new gameplay trailer for “Sonic Colors Ultimate.” The release date is set for September 7 of this year on all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

“Starmancer” is expected to be released on August 5 of this year. The management game focuses on controlling a space station.

On August 31 of this year “KeyWe” is releasing on all major platforms. Two kiwi birds, Jeff and Debra, are in charge of a large-scale postal office. The co-op puzzle game gives players a more challenging postal service simulator when they want to take a break from the relaxing gameplay of being a postal worker in the previously mentioned “Lake.”

“Deathrun TV” showed it’s announcement trailer, and the roguelike puts players in a game-show scenario where precarious acts are committed to gain the favor of the audience. There was no release window announced, but the pilot episode of the game is available to demo on Steam.

An unexpected announcement trailer was released for a stop-motion game, “Harold Halibut.” The adventure game feels like a Wes Anderson movie married claymation. The trailer announced that the game was releasing “soonish”.

“Happy Game” received a gameplay trailer. Contrary to its name, “Happy Game” has a creepy atmosphere to it, and it’s releasing sometime this year, but the demo is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

“Minute of Islands” is out now, and is getting an Xbox release later this week. Later this year, “Olli Olli World” is releasing. The gameplay trailer revealed the colorful world that players can skateboard through.

The adventure RPG, “Tails of Iron” was announced with no release window. The trailer gave viewers a narrative adventure story about two kingdoms- those of rats versus lizards. The art-style is reminiscent of “Darkest Dungeons” and “Curse of the Dead Gods.”

Movie Games Studio revealed some upcoming projects, including “Lust from Beyond” which is available now. They also revealed that “Fire Commander” and “Winter Survival Simulator” are coming soon.

Another publisher, XSeed showcased some of the games coming soon, such as “Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed,” “Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle,” “Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town,” “Rune Factory 4 Special,” and “Rune Factory 5.”

“Batora Lost Haven,” an action RPG with retro visuals, launches it’s Alpha on July 21. Players can sign up now for access.

The creators of “Two Point Hospital” revealed a gameplay trailer for “Two Point Campus.” The second installment is going to receive more quality-of-life updates, and is coming to all major platforms. There is no release window announced.

A new game code-named “Project Ferocious” is projected to release sometime in 2023. The debut trailer showed a shooter game focused on a tropical island, with dinosaurs and more creatures in the midst.

“Warcry” is expected to release this Summer. The announcement trailer showed a nostalgic shooter similar to the “Doom” franchise, and will be available for PC.

A 1950s detective game, “Conway Disappearance at Dahlia View” is coming this Fall. It’s expected to release on all major platforms and PC.

The final game announcement was for a 2022 release, “Immortality.” The trailer gave viewers a glimpse into the story of Marissa Mercel, with story writing by Allan Scott of “Queen’s Gambit,” Amelia Gray of “Mr. Robot,” and Barry Gifford of “Lost Highway.”

“Immortality” was an ambitious end to the Future Games Show. For more information on the games and releases mentioned in this article, check out the link attached for the full coverage from gamesradar.


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