COVID-19 Dashboard Update: FIU Has Provided An Additional 167 COVID-19 Vaccines

Screenshot of graph from FIU’s COVID-19 Dashboard

Jordan Coll / News Director

An additional 167 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered by the university, marking a total of 12,791 vaccines according to the FIU COVID-19 Dashboard.

FIU has also administered over 18,000 COVID-19 tests to students and employees since Feb. 15 of this year. Prior to Feb. 13 it had administered over 20,000 tests.

Last week, the dashboard site was down due to an update initiated by External Relations on the website. “There were enhancements applied to the application that, as a side effect, impacted the page,” said Carlos Varona, assistant vice president of FIU Division of Information Technology.

The site is now running accordingly.

Screenshot of graph from FIU’s COVID-19 Dashboard

FIU students, faculty, and staff can receive the vaccine on campus. To make an appointment click here. The vast majority of these tests on campus, over 95% on average, have been negative.

The university’s COVID-19 dashboard only tracks data on vaccinations and tests administered by FIU clinics. FIU launched this feature in early May.

Previously, the dashboard had reported COVID-19 case numbers among students, faculty and staff.

It had reflected cases that were self-reported by the FIU community to the Student Affairs and Human Resources divisions or the FIU COVID-19 Response Team. 

A total of 488 cases were reported since the start of the spring semester, with 198 being students and the remaining 290 being faculty and staff members. 

A total of 972 cases were self reported to FIU since the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. There were 646 cases reported by students, 355 of which were students living or learning on campus and the other 291 learning remotely. Of the 326 cases reported by faculty or staff members, 148 were working on campus while the remaining 149 were working from home.

The dashboard is updated every Monday, with the exception of holidays.

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