Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album “Sour” is the perfect album for breakups

Credit to David Needleman / Rodrigo’s photoshoot for Billboard Hot 100

By: Marina Alonzo/Staff Writer

At the age of 17, Olivia Rodrigo’s single “Drivers License” from her debut album “Sour” hit number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 charts. Since then, many of her other songs have taken that spot, including her songs “Deja Vu” and “Good 4 U.”

Fame reached Rodrigo at the young age of sixteen, and like many child stars that begin their careers with Disney, she still has insecurities and the same feelings that teenagers have at that age.

“Brutal,” the first song on Rodrigo’s album, starts off with violins leading to a drum-heavy song about the struggles of being seventeen and how her “golden years” are not so golden.

The song includes lyrics, “All I do is try my best/this the kind of thanks I get,” with the verses listing Rodrigo’s insecurities. 

The next song, “Traitor,” is about ending a relationship with someone who had an emotional affair and moved on to someone new after only a few weeks.

The ballad focuses on how there was no evidence of cheating, but Rodrigo felt her significant other still betrayed her. 

Following “Traitor,” “Driver’s License” is next. This song incorporates the sounds from a car and multiple references to driving and cars.

Rodrigo’s main inspiration for writing this song, along with many other songs on her album, was her breakup last year.

“Drivers License,” was released as a single at the beginning of 2021 which quickly reached popularity giving Rodrigo a new established reputation as a promising young singer. 

“1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” is a ballad that talks about a back-and-forth relationship where the significant other goes through emotional outbursts that leads to Rodrigo not knowing how to differentiate whether he loves her or hates her. 

Rodrigo sings, “I’m the love of your life/Until I make you mad.” 

Rodrigo sings about the relationship going from love to hate based on the day. By the end of the song, Rodrigo alludes to the relationship as a rollercoaster. 

Rodrigo sings, “and I’d leave you, but the rollercoaster’s all I’ve ever had,” talking about the relationship.

In the song, “Deja Vu,” Rodrigo sings about whether her ex is experiencing “Deja Vu” when with his current girlfriend due to the couple doing shared hobbies that are identical to the ones Rodrigo used to do with him. 

Rodrigo further explains how her ex is dating someone similar to who she is due to the common background in acting. 

“Good 4 U” is another hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and takes a different approach to a breakup with someone who moves on too quickly.

Rodrigo puts lots of emotion into this song, and the bridge of the song is one of the highlights because it builds the song back up to the chorus.

Rodrigo’s “Enough for You” is a ballad and only uses an acoustic guitar. The song talks about how Rodrigo tries to change herself for her significant other, and he still leaves her for someone “more exciting.”

Rodrigo sings, “You say I’m never satisfied, but that’s not me, it’s you/’Cause all I ever wanted was to be enough/But I don’t think anything could ever be enough/For you.” 

This song focuses on the relationships where someone tries to be enough for the other person but in the end, they realize that they need to be enough for themselves.

“Happier” is about someone who hopes their ex is happier, but not too much happier than they were when they were with Rodrigo.

Rodrigo then talks about comparing herself to other girls on social media in “Jealousy, Jealousy.” The artist describes how much happier she was with herself before she began to feel jealous of others.

“Jealousy, Jealousy” reflects on how social media leads to jealousy for many teens in this generation.

“Favorite Crime” is about a breakup where Rodrigo talks about a relationship in which she’s been used and was ‘buried’ after they were done. 

Rodrigo called the relationship bittersweet, and that she loved her significant other so much and ignored the way they treated her.

The song “Hope Ur Ok” is about a childhood friend who Rodrigo hasn’t heard from in a while, but she hopes is doing well. 

This is a stage in friendships that not a lot of songs touch on. Rodrigo sings about her childhood friends who she fell out of touch with and she says she loves them and hopes they’re happy.

Overall, the album is great for those who have experienced a breakup. “Sour” touches all of the stages of a breakup including anger and acceptance, and even the feeling of thinking about them over time and hoping they’re doing well. 

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