Calling all Creative Writers: PantherNOW is Open for Poetry Submissions

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Contributing Writer // Juliana Narvaez

Starting June 12, PantherNOW’s Entertainment Section will be taking poetry submissions from FIU students interested in showcasing their creative writing skills.

Each week, up to five poems will be selected for publication. All submissions will be evaluated by the Entertainment Director and Assistant Director.

Interested in having your work published? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Be sure to send your work to
  2. Each submission must include a title and name you would like to be published under (Students can opt to remain anonymous)
  3. Students have the option to submit an audio recording of them reciting the poem alongside their written work 

As for the content of the poems, students have the freedom to creatively express themselves however they like. Nonetheless, any submission with language including hate speech or encouraging violence will not be published. 

Any questions relating to the poetry submissions can be sent to Please allow up to 24 hours for an email response.

We look forward to reading all submissions!

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