Fall Semester Repopulation FAQs

Face mask hangs on rearview mirror of car. Yansall Rasquides / PantherNOW

Yansall Rasquides / Staff Writer

As Fall semester begins, PantherNOW answered 10 common questions students may be wondering about returning to campus.

Does FIU require masks on campus?

No, professors can encourage students to wear a face mask but they cannot require them. FIU encourages personal responsibility such as wearing face coverings and using the P3 app everyday before arriving on campus.

Can professors use Zoom for aspects of class like group projects or presentations?

Yes, professors are able to use alternatives to in-person such as Zoom, but cannot remain virtual for the majority of the course.

What modalities of classes are offered?

In-person, hybrid, and online classes are available for all students, however hyflex classes are no longer offered.

What happens if I get COVID during the semester? 

Students who test positive must stay home, use the P3 App and call the COVID Response Team at 305-348-1919. Students should also inform their professors and plan a course of action to complete assignments. 

Screenshot of P3 App. Yansall Rasquides / PantherNOW

Can professors adjust final grades based on my choice to not wear a mask and/or get vaccinated? 

No, professors are not allowed to show bias towards students’ decisions on wearing a face covering or getting vaccinated. If a student feels such bias, they should speak to the professor, or report to the department head or dean before final grades are posted. 

How is FIU protecting faculty and students on campus?

Custodial services clean and disinfect all public spaces, bathrooms, offices, classrooms, locker rooms and laboratories every day with certified disinfectants.

Screenshot of FIU COVID-19 Prevention Flyer. Yansall Rasquides / PantherNOW

What if I forgot my face mask?

FIU provides one free face covering to every registered student, per semester. Face mask vending machines can be found across MMC, BBC and EC, with Panther ID required.

Can I get tested on campus?

Yes, walk up testing is available on campus for students, faculty, and staff. To make an appointment please visit Curative. Standard Molecular Testing (RT-PCR) and Antigen (Rapid COVID-19) Testing are both available.

Can I get vaccinated on campus?

Yes, first doses of the Pfizer vaccine are available between Aug. 21 to October 4 to anyone 12 and older. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. One must present a photo ID or birth certificate. Please note the Pfizer vaccine requires a second shot three weeks after the first.

Is there a way to find the number of students vaccinated and tested positive?

One can access the FIU COVID-19 Dashboard online, which reports the number of positive cases and students vaccinated by FIU facilities.

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