What’s Popping at Wynwood?

The iconic neon sign for the entrance to The Oasis via www.oasiswynwood.com/

By Jessica Reem Abilmouna // Contributing Writer

Picture this: the weekend is finally here, you just finished a stressful week of studies and exams, and you’re ready to go for a night out with your friends. For many students here at FIU, that could mean many different things.

For student Alba Moro, her favorite place that she has been frequenting is The Oasis in Wynwood. “The Oasis is a pretty cool place to hang out at night and chill. I love the music and dancing with my friends,” Moro says. 

The Oasis is fairly new in Wynwood, opening in May 2021. They offer a variety of food stands and a nice outdoor seating area, as well as transforming to a lively bar at night with frequent concerts bringing in a variety of well-known artists. 

However, if you’re looking for a mellow and relaxed type of vibe for the weekend, Mich and Mel’s is the place to be. 

FIU student Ian L. Chacín loves Mich and Mel’s near Wynwood and frequents there often. “It’s got a nice little bar inside and I like their California burrito. It’s so good and fun inside,” Chacín says. 

Colorful outdoor area of Ooh Raw via www.onlyinyourstate.com/florida/fruit-bowls-ooh-raw-poke-juice-bar-fl/

Because Wynwood is packed with a diverse range of places, those who prefer a more health-conscious place to chill and hangout should check out Ooh Raw.

I love going to Ooh Raw…,I love the new urban feel of it all…,it’s trying to give a new take on fruits and vegetables and … the vibe at… Ooh Raw is much different to more standardized places like Denny’s or McDonald’s,” says René Steegers, student here at FIU. 

If you’re in the mood for latino food, FIU student Imani recommends eating Venezuelan food at Mr. Pepito restaurant. “In Wynwood I like to eat at Mr. Pepito because it’s inexpensive since I can’t afford much in Wynwood as a college student. The food is always made fresh so you won’t have anything that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for hours” explains Imani. 

We are all fortunate enough to live in a city as diverse and robust as Miami with people and immigrants from all over the world, particularly from Latin America, so it’s not hard to find places with authentic and reasonable prices such as Mr. Pepito. 

Gramp’s patio entrance via https://www.sunsharkindustries.com/lifestyle-tips-and-reviews/dn45lg8x7rgtp93cb87e6c9swbdmnm

Other popular places worth mentioning that might interest FIU students are 1-800 Lucky and Gramps. At 1-800 lucky you can find a variety of Asian inspired foods as well as good vibes and house music at nighttime. Gramps offers the same sort of vibe with an assortment of different pizzas and predominantly rap music and 90’s hip hop offered at night.

There’s always something going on at Wynwood that will suit whatever it is that you’re in the mood for. Whether it’s a night out with drinks and music, or a relaxed environment with great food, Wynwood has got you covered for your next night out.

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