FIU Students Star in Reality TV Series “Four Days to Save the World”

Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes embraces cast member. Courtesy of Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes.

Yansall Rasquides / Staff Writer 

A group of FIU students were given Four Days to Save The World in a new American reality T.V. series.

The series follows daring business executives and investors who work with teenagers to solve social issues such as hunger, cyberbullying and education. 

“It was really stressful because you’re dealing with real issues, and your solution will determine the future of millions of people,” said Luis Moros, an FIU sophomore studying criminal justice and political science.

Teams are assigned a different social issue with four days to find a solution. 

The 19-year-old’s ambitious mission to end world hunger hit close to home.

Moros struggled with homelessness and hunger for two years after fleeing from Venezuela to the U.S in 2017.

Luis Moros poses on set of Four Days to Save the World. Courtesy of Luis Moros.

“I had to move seven different times, because we were not able to afford rent, since my mother came to this country with only a $100 bill,” said Moros. 

During the four days, Moros and his team developed a business pitch which could potentially bring investment opportunities to launch the idea. 

“If there are investors out there that want to invest in an idea by watching the show, they could contact the production team and they can make that happen,” said Moros. “Any audience member can be a part of this.”

He did not disclose the pitch due to legal contracts until the episode airs later in the season.

Moros felt hopeful while preserving through the filming process. 

“Being able to make a change in the community through this T.V. show is actually something that is close to my heart,” said Moros. “I’m looking forward to what’s next.”

Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes, a junior studying international relations, joined Moros as an agent who represents Team Education.

“We came to an agreement that would revolutionize and make education catch up with technology,” said Jaimes. 

Jaimes explained her passion behind education during the series premiere on Sept. 6.

“If you ask me what’s missing in this world, I will answer and say education, but I don’t mean people having the knowledge to read or critical thinking,” said Jaimes. “I mean people have forgotten how to respect each other.”

Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes smiles on set of Four Days to Save the World. Courtesy of Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes. 

Jaimes heard about the show when Grisel d’Elena, her academic advisor, told her she would be a good fit. 

“I have no experience with [TV]… but my honors advisor said ‘you have a story, you have the value and education, so go for it,’’’ said Jaimes. 

Jaimes’ parents immigrated from Venezuela in 1998, and used all of their resources to fund her education. 

“I would watch my parents work since they could not afford daycare for me, and they would always tell me either we have a house or you have a great education,” said Jaimes. “They’ve always inspired me to study to the best of my ability in order to create a better future.” 

The series airs weekly on Human2Human, Amazon, AppleTV, Roku, and more.

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