A Recap of “DUNE” at FIU

Picture by Brandon Rosado, PantherNow

By: Michael Grichenco // Staff Writer

With Homecoming less than 2 weeks away and midterms around the corner, weekends are the time for us to blow off steam and have some fun. 

In case some of you missed it, a variety of cool performances and brands visited Parkview Housings last Friday, engaging with FIU students, doing some giveaways, and a live performance from the marching band.

One of the promoting tents present at Parkview was from the upcoming epic movie adaptation of the book “Dune,” where goodies and prizes were served to students.

Adam Crain, along with his team which includes our fellow FIU student Natalie Lamas, greeted many students in the area. 

“We bought over 300 donuts and batches of ‘Turmeric shots’ to keep in theme with the movie” Crain stated.

The turmeric shots is a reference to the original books plot devices of the consumption of Melange, a spice cocktail that grants the characters a variety of special abilities. 

The shots offered at the event were a tasty organic juice mixed with a variety of spices, a perfect mix with the Mojo Donuts they provided.

As Pictured: Adam Crain (Left) & Natalie Lamas (Middle) with the rest of their team. Picture by Brandon Rosado, PantherNow

“FIU is the only activation site we are doing until the movie release” Natalie states, “We hope to have a nice time with students here,” in their goal to raise more awareness towards our movie event.

As the event went on and more students showed up despite some rain, the FIU Marching Band showed up for a small spectacle, giving a glimpse of their upcoming performance at Homecoming on Oct. 23.

As Pictured: Some of the members of the FIU Marching Band. Picture by Brandon Rosado, PantherNow

Being the first major adaptation of the classic award-winning novel in the last 20 years, it has big expectations for both fans of the saga and newcomers alike. The movie will be dual-released on October 22nd, both in theaters and HBOMax. 

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