Panthers Got Talent 2021: A Panther Pride Night

The Proud Panthers team celebrating their victory on stage. Photo by Angeles Hernandez

By: Angeles Hernandez // Contributing Writer

FIU reignited the roar last night, as the Panthers Got Talent show was filled with great performers showing all sorts of talents: dancing, singing, playing guitar, doing acrobatics, and step-down shows.

This was the first live talent show after quarantine, and the crowd was feeling it. People were dancing in their seats to the rhythm of the music and cheering with banners for their friends on stage. 

There was a photo booth, food trucks, free t-shirts, and drinks for everyone who attended. People were taking pictures with their friends and laughing in their seats. 

“The audience this year was so excited to be back and being able to support their friends and fellow panthers. I feel like that energy hyped us up,” states Alexandria Iberia, one of the hosts of the event.

The winners of the night were Luis Diaz-Merry AKA Mantis for the Solo division, Alan Macaulay and Austin Rodriguez for the Blue division, and the Proud Panthers for the Gold division.

All the teams and participants gave it their all in this competition, showing the hard work they put into their performances. The audience was able to vote online for their fan favorites, selecting one group or participant from each division.  

“I was really nervous at first to sing in front of so many people. But I’ve been preparing this song since Summer, and I just put myself out in front of all of these people and had fun.” said Luis Lara, one of the Solo performers who sang As The World Caves Infrom Matt Maltese. 

“The weather was perfect for this kind of event, it wasn’t too hot or cold for people outside, and the sky was clear of rain all night long,” states one of the hosts of the event, Carlos Rivero, who surprised everyone by jumping on the stage and performing a dance number right before the intermission. 

The participants put on amazing performances and the students were so happy to be back in person that the emotion and energy was palpable. 

The winners took their trophies home and celebrated with their fellow panthers. The night was filled with cheering and laughter and everyone had a great time!