Breaking News: FIU Police Investigating Shooting Threat at BBC

University-wide email, sent Oct. 27, warns FIU BBC of shooting threat.

Elise Gregg / Staff Writer

FIU Police are investigating a shooting threat at the Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC) from a note found in the library.

Someone turned in a note they found in a bathroom of the Glenn Hubert Library on Oct. 27, FIUPD Chief Alexander Casas told PantherNOW. It implied that a mass shooting would occur on campus, but no method was detailed in the note, explained Casas.

“[There was] no investigative lead,” said Casas. 

Police are currently investigating the level of threat, validity and intent of the note.

A university-wide warning email was sent by FIUPD at about 4 p.m., which advised students to lookout for suspicious activity.

“Take any action you feel is appropriate for your immediate areas,” stated the email. It did not recommend further action besides reporting possible clues to FIUPD. 

“We’ve got more officers on campus,” Casas told PantherNOW. “FIU Police are increasing visibility as a precaution,” stated the email.

Casas said the note was not alarming enough to warrant cancelling classes and closing the campus. He noted the best way to currently handle it is to increase police activity on campus. 

If the case were more urgent, Casas said the department would have sent out a text notification instead of an email.

He called on students to contact FIUPD with any possible details.

“We need that phone call,” Casas told PantherNOW.

The FIUPD emergency number is 305-348-5911, and the non-emergency number is 305-348-2626.

“If something happens, we have people ready,” said Casas.

This story will be updated as more information is found.

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