A Look Inside Panther Esports Club

E-Sports lounge located in the computer lounge at MCC campus. Ailish Fontanez / PantherNOW

By: Ailish Fontanez // Contributing Writer

FIU offers over a hundred clubs that vary from many different interests; Pather Esports is one of the growing ones you might want to join.

FIU Esports consists of many different teams and tournaments and allows you to meet and discuss your interest in video games with other students.

“If you have never tried out a game… [and] prefer to try it out with us, we want to be as inviting as possible and get as much crossover from games as possible,” current President Michael Plaza states. 

The club has a range of multiplayer games you can pick from to be involved in, including “Valorant,” “Overwatch,” “Call of Duty,” and “Fortnite.” These teams consist of competitive teams that go against other universities. 

List of all video games that can be played in the E-Sports Lounge. Ailish Fontanez / PantherNOW

Each team is divided into a Blue JV team and a Gold Varsity team. If you are interested in joining Valorant, a Pink team is also available that consists of just women.

Joining one of these teams is available every semester and requires a tryout process. You must fill out an interest form and then set up a time and date for tryouts.

Wanting to join one of these teams requires some knowledge of the game and good team spirit. This club allows students to grow and learn to become better players.

FIU Esports “Fosters an inviting community to everybody that wants to not only compete but play casual for entertainment, we use this club to find people that have similar interests that can connect with each other,” Plaza said.

Not only do you become a better gamer, but you make strong friendships.

Panther Esports has many community game nights to bring people together. They include games aside from the competitive teams, like Animal Crossing. 

These events can be held online or on-campus in the Esports lounge. This area is also available to any FIU students with a small entry fee that allows you to play many games.

Tournaments, where anyone can join, are also held. Students can get together with their team to play against other students. 

“I wanted a way to make friends and what better way than finding people that share a love for video games as I do,” Ariana Rodriguez, a freshman on the Esports Overwatch Blue team, shares why she joined the club.

Rodriguez also shares that many of her teammates plan events outside of their weekly practices. They have made friendships that last due to the club.

Panther Esports is a club aimed to make friendships around video games. While you get better at playing this game, you also make lasting connections. 

Many events are coming up soon for anyone to join. To stay updated, follow PantherEsports on Discord and Instagram @esportfiu.

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