Roaring News Ep. 3: News Round-Up

Producers: Diego Diaz and Valentina Palm, Hosts and Writers: Michael Grinchenco, Maya Washburn and Michael McEwen

Thank you for tuning into Roaring News! Refer to this week’s highlighted stories below.


  • Students Report Unexpected Rent Increases at Bayview Hall
  • US Army Awards $22.9 Million Grant to FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing
  • SGA Senate Discuss 2022 Elections Board, Committee Initiatives


  • Miami Honored Those Who Have Served on Veteran’s Day
  • Citing corruption in city, Opa-locka Mayor Matthew Pigatt resigns during commission meeting
  • Miami Cop Says Some Officers Act Like “Organized Crime Members”
  • Sen. Marco Rubio Wants to Ban These Contributions for Ballot Initiatives
  • Man Wanted for Beating Seagull with a Shovel on Florida Beach
  • International

  • Saab US relations and Mexico
  • Northern Ireland Commuter Bus Hijacking
  • Chile Impeachment
  • Nicaragua’s President Solidifies Rule
  • Poland Immigration
  • Ethiopia’s Civil War Conflict
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