Roaring News Ep. 4: News Round-Up

Producers: Diego Diaz, Valentina Palm and Michael McEwen, Hosts and Writers: Michael Grinchenco, Maya Washburn and Elise Gregg

Thank you for tuning into Roaring News! Refer to this week’s highlighted stories below.


  • Nationwide Labor Shortages Impacts Dining on Campus
  • Wells Fargo Award $75,000 Grant to StartUP FIU Food
  • Experts Call For Environmental Protection of Florida Manatees As Yearly Deaths Double


  • Retired University of Miami Professor Convicted of Laundering ‘Dirty’ Venezuelan Money
  • Florida Legislature Sends Anti COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Bills to Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Alzheimer’s Vaccine Trial Underway


  • Bosnia-Serb President Calls for Serbian secession, alarming public
  • Nicaragua Denounces Organization of American States as Nicaraguan Officials banned from travelling to US
  • At COP26, Nations Strike a Climate Deal That Falls Short
  • Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Sells for $34.9 Million

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