When The Holidays Feel Joyless and Lonely

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Nicole Ardila/Staff Writer

Around this time of year, a lot of things can trigger sadness even though the holidays are all about cheer. We start to feel lonely, fatigued, stressed and remember people we’ve lost recently. 

While some people are traveling and enjoying their winter breaks, you may start to compare your life to theirs. Your friends are all out of town while you’re stuck here alone with no plans. But there’s a different approach you can take if you’re going through this. 

Solitude can in fact be very beneficial, and it’s something everyone should learn to live with once in a while. 

Something that can help you feel better is going outdoors. Take advantage of the great weather during this season. You can also start creating better and healthier habits for yourself before the new year starts. But the most important thing is to not compare yourself. Take a break from social media, enjoy time with your family, practice self-care, distract yourself by being productive or even better, binge-watch holiday movies. 

However, it’s another thing to feel alone during the holidays after a breakup, friendships ending or when a loved one passed away. 

It’s difficult to have that empty space at home or in our lives, where someone once used to be. Many of us have gone through loss this past year, and the holidays make it harder to forget that there are friends, family members or even pets that are no longer with us. 

Going through loss is a horrible feeling, but sometimes we just have to accept that life isn’t fair and it will never be easy, but we can always move on and make the most out of it. 

The same goes for relationships that don’t work out. People come and go all the time, everything and everyone is temporary, but they teach you great lessons. That’s the beauty of connections, even though at some point they will end, you realize these people were placed in your life for some reason.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. Worst people give you a lesson & Best people give you memories.”

The holidays seem so much better as a kid, and growing up shows you to not take time for granted. 

Loneliness is not to be mistaken for being alone. Either of the two concepts is a temporary one, and you shouldn’t waste your time eating your heart out over a temporary feeling. 

Life’s challenges are inevitable. It takes time to slowly pick yourself back up, but enjoy the present moment as much as you can, it is truly a gift. And it is the best one you can receive this year.


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Photo by Matteo Raw on Unsplash

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