A Symposium By The Moonlight: All About Bob Dylan

Terrace Area by Vicky’s Cafe FIU. Michael Grichenco / PantherNOW

By:\ Michael Grichenco // Staff Writer

Last night on campus, an exclusive soiree was hosted by the Patricia & Frost Art Museum in celebration.

With the museum officially debuting the “Retrospectrum: Bob Dylan” exhibit, which will be on display until April 17, 2022, a symposium was hosted by the terrace area of the museum. 

The event took place on Nov. 30, with a small gathering between the museum personnel and the groups responsible for the exhibit, who enjoyed a variety of foods, wines, and a live band performed a selection of classic songs.

Ranging from Dylan’s own discography and other artists of his time, “Uncle Scotchy” delivered a smooth experience to complement the symposium.

Uncle Scotchy band playing at the Terrace area in Vicky’s Cafe. Michael Grichenco / PantherNOW

Enrique Rosell, the Program Manager of the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, emphasized how first-hand accounts of Dylan’s peak years and concerts were significant to highlight the value in his art.

“What we hoped to do with this symposium was to expose a younger generation towards Dylan’s works and help them understand why it’s important to dive a little deeper into who Dylan is,” said Rosell.

A mural of Dylan’s various magazine covers. Michael Grichenco / PantherNOW

“And to appreciate both his visual and musical work from people who have experienced it first hand, such as Director Rebecca Friedman who grew up with Dylan’s music and defined major touch points during her life.”

On the second floor, Dylan’s various art pieces were on display, showcasing his gradual artistic evolution ranging from drawings and sketches, to paintings and metal sculptures. 

A small collection of Dylan’s metal sculptures. Michael Grichenco / PantherNOW

“It can take a little bit of time to get into Dylan’s music and understand what’s special about his lyrics and his overall message, especially for the younger generation today with what they usually listen to, ” said Rosell. “It can be an acquired taste.”

Bob Dylan’s “Elevated Train” on display. Michael Grichenco / PantherNOW

For more information about “Retrospectrum: Bob Dylan” and other exhibits, visit https://frost.fiu.edu/ 

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