Roaring News Ep. 5: News Round-Up

Producers: Diego Diaz and Valentina Palm, Hosts and Writers: Michael Grinchenco, Elise Gregg, Maya Washburn and Michael McEwen

Thank you for tuning into Roaring News! Refer to this week’s highlighted stories below.


  • Cooler Catches Fire at MMC
  • The End of an Era for FIU Athletics
  • Scott Carr Announced as Next Athletic Director
  • SGA Senator Absences Delay Initiatives
  • Bob Dylan Symposium


  • Shooting at Michigan High School
  • World AIDS Day on Thursday, & progress on AIDS vaccine
  • New COVID Omicron Variant
  • Art Basel returns, drawing thousands to Miami Beach Convention Center; Art Miami hosts preview
  • Guatemalan Man Who Survived American Airlines Flight in Landing Gear Held at ICE Center
  • DeSantis to ask for Temporary Tax Gas Relief


  • Honduran Elections
  • Barbados Becomes Republic
  • Venezuela Election
  • Remain In Mexico Reinstated
  • Chile Elections

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