Valentine’s Day Dueling Column

Relationships are tricky. There are many ways to love people. It can all get a bit confusing. 

This February, we’re asking: Polyamory or Monogamy? 

There is no correct answer. It all depends on a person’s preferences. But, we hope our dueling column will help people searching for advice.

In Jacqueline Flores’s article, “Polyamorous Relationships are More than Just Cheating,” she writes having a poly relationship doesn’t always mean having “meaningless sex.” It’s helped her explore her sexuality and share intimate connections with friends. 

The key to a successful polyamorous relationship is being honest and communicating with your partners, writes Flores.

Carlos Pino’s article, “Here’s to Monogamy,” favors having a monogamous relationship. Monogamy, they argue, can give a person a unique sense of intimacy and security with another person. 

Trust built in a monogamous relationship can give someone the courage to explore their sexual desires with their partner, writes Pino.

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