Roaring News Spring Ep. 4: News Round-Up

Producers: Diego Diaz, Valentina Palm and Michael McEwenHosts and Writers: Maya Washburn, Elise Gregg, Jacqueline Flores and Ailish Fontanez

Thank you for tuning into Roaring News! Refer to this week’s highlighted stories below.


  • Interim President Jessell Takes New Steps to Prevent Misconduct, Announces New Reporting site
  • Interim President Jessell Appoints Two New FIU Leaders
  • Vice President of FIU Engagement Ends Tenure to Pursue Strategic Advisory Firm 
  • FIU Bridge Settlement


  • Ahmaud Arbery Case Plea Deal
  • Florida Lottery Bill
  • Army to Discharge Unvaccinated Service Members
  • Florida Senate Abortion
  • HBCU bomb threats nationwide


  • Chile
  • Mexico Union
  • Israel
  • Israel Bahrain normalization
  • US Syria attack
  • Egypt

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