The Important Message of a Day Without Immigrants

Created by Julia Gomez

Alba Rosa/ Staff Writer

TikToker Carlos Eduardo Espina brilliantly chose Valentine’s Day to host a protest for immigrant rights. His campaign, Day Without Immigrants, will reflect a powerful message to society. 

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that generates a lot of financial and laborious activity. If immigrants around the country participated in Espina’s protest, our society would finally understand how vital they are to us. Washington became a perfect example back in 2017, where another Day Without Immigrants strike took place, closing more than 100 restaurants.

It proves that without immigrants, we’d be nothing.

Espina desperately wants to educate our society, so he’s using social media platforms, like TikTok, to encourage immigrants and allies to take Valentine’s Day off. He wants people to avoid going to work, skip their classes and even avoid shopping to make the American people truly understand how frightening a day without immigrants would be.

I’d love to see a massive crowd gathered in front of the White House, where the event will be. It’ll be a beautiful sight. Supporters are replacing a day known for love with peaceful protesting.

Immigrants around the country will advocate for their rights within our society and put pressure on their American employers.

This country uses and profits from immigrants, but most of its inhabitants push away and abuse the people who help their economy grow. The people who feed them, clean for them, even care for them. 

To say that America will be better off without immigrants is ignorant and disgusting. Immigrants founded this country! Out of the 39 men who signed the Constitution, seven were immigrants.

That’s why I love and support this campaign. It’ll address one of the most debated topics in our history: Who would we be without immigrants?

Immigrants are human beings, just like you and me. They are farmers and factory workers who work tirelessly throughout the week. They provide the essential labor that delivers the food to our nearest supermarkets, onto our plates and into our stomachs. They’re the factory workers who supply us with everything we need for our homes and everyday lives.

They’re also caretakers who raise children to be generous and kind and ensure the children they care for are ready for the beautiful life ahead of them.

Immigrants in these positions are always taken advantage of. They’re the ones responsible for the country’s economic success but given little credit. And what’s interesting is the connection between the worker shortage and heightened restrictions in immigration policies, further proving how immigrants are ultimately essential.

Immigrants came to the U.S to pursue their dream and build a better future for themselves and their families. Their nationality or their reason to come shouldn’t diminish their worth. 

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed her support for Espina’s campaign. She even organized a letter to President Biden that urged him to change his immigration policies, hoping to end mass incarceration.

It’s time for people to respect the dedication immigrant workers have to continue to work for a country that despises them. It’s time to give them credit for everything they’ve done for America.

Without immigrants, America will slowly crumble to the ground.

I support Espina and his campaign wholeheartedly. He’s made his community proud with this protest. Thanks to him, he’ll give our society an important reminder. Immigrant rights are human rights.


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