Roaring News Spring Ep. 5: News Round-Up

Producers: Diego Diaz, Valentina Palm and Michael McEwenHosts and Writers: Maya Washburn, Elise Gregg, Jacqueline Flores, Ailish Fontanez, Ian Lares-Chacín and Samuel Larreal

Thank you for tuning into Roaring News! Refer to this week’s highlighted stories below.


  • Four New Frats to Arrive to FIU
  • South Beach Wine and Food Festival
  • SGA to Vote on Political Party Requirements
  • NABJ Chapter Comes to FIU


  • Miami Housing Market
  • Manatees
  • Archives Update
  • Megadrought


  • Honduran President Extradition
  • Saab
  • US and Iran Officials Say Nuclear Talks Nearing Positive Conclusion
  • 8 million Yemenis May Lose UN Aid
  • Nepal Protest against US Grant

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