PantherNOW attends The Batman Roundtable

Kravitz and Pattinson. Photo by Warner Bros.

Elena Key/Staff Writer

The Batman glides his way into theaters once again. The cast and filmmakers of 2022’s The Batman sat down with Tiffany Smith for the global conference, answering questions from international, college and domestic press.

On February 17th, cast members; Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Jeffery Wright, alongside director Matt Reeves and producer Dylan Clark participated in the online conference. 

While there have been multiple films created based on this superhero, Reeve’s interpretation believes to differ. 

“I knew that I wanted to take this iteration of a younger Batman who was early in his arc, there was room for growth, room for an awakening and put him at the center of this mystery that would put us in the path of all of these characters,” said Reeves.

Pattinson said that Batman is usually seen in films as a character who is already heroic. While, in this movie it embraces that “he’s just a man in an armored suit.” 

Showing him not as the perfect hero, “I think it kinda allows for an opening,” said Pattinson. 

“The whole idea was to put you as much as possible in the point of view of the character, specifically in the point of view of Batman,” said Reeves. 

The Riddler, played by Dano, is the villain of the film and during the conference he spoke about the relationship between Batman and The Riddler. He explained how the connection between the two characters is not defined as black and white.

“I love the idea that you can’t really have Batman without his villains or rogues gallery, but I love that you couldn’t have this Riddler without the Batman,” said Dano.

Dano explained the complexity of having a character like The Riddler, saying how some of his ideas are not wrong, but instead how he executed them are. 

“The contact with reality in this character [Riddler] … is what I think makes it potentially scary,” said Dano. 

On the topic of duos, the Batman and Catwoman’s dynamic is seen through the film, and when asked about how the actors portrayed the character’s chemistry, Kravitz shared her thoughts. 

“It was very easy, you know, me and Rob have been friends for a long time and I think a lot of it was on the page and it’s really what Matt [Reeves] wrote where the emotional state of these characters is so clear… and why they connect is so clear,”  said Kravitz. 

During the conference, the crew was asked if they took any props home from the movie. 

From sunglasses, a badge, to a Gotham Sanitation jacket, almost every member took something home with them from the set. 

Producer Clark shared how “it took us five years to get to this place,” and how it was a special moment for the cast to see the film.

When asked about the sound design of the film, Reeves said that music and sound were critical tools in order to properly put the audience in the perspective of each character by creating an “emotional landscape” of them.

“How immersive it was from the opening shot till the end. I love when you watch a movie and a filmmaker takes you in frame one and they’re pulling you through right till the end. As an audience member you have no choice but to give over to the movie, it’s just the best feeling to me as an audience member. I think that’s what this film is,” said Dano. 

The Batman officially makes its way into theaters on March 4th.

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