Blue Garage to Close after Student Accident

FIU Blue Garage / Via FIU Flickr

Elise Gregg / Assistant News Director

Portions of the Blue Garage (PG2) are closed after a student crashed into one of the walls on the top floor. 

According to a statement from a Residential Life Coordinator, a student was doing donuts on the roof of PG2 and hit the garage. At the time the RLC stated that there may have been possible structural damage. 

A more recent update from FIU Police Department Chief Alexander Casas stated that the incident occurred last night, and there was some damage to the garage, but nothing structural. 

“[We’re] closing the affected area on the top floor and the area immediately underneath it until we can fix it,” stated Casas. 

The statement from the RLC said that the student is okay, but that the garage is closed until an engineer inspects it. 

“There are about 200 on-campus housing resident cars in the garage,” read the statement. “Unfortunately, the garage is closed and they will not be able to use their cars until we get the all-clear it is safe.” 

Students with cars in PG2 will receive an email from Parking and Transportation. 

PantherNOW attempted to reach out to the Residential Life Coordinator through a Parkview Residential Assistant, but the RLC said they were unable to provide their contact information for news purposes. 

Statement from Residential Life / Via WhatsApp

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