“Smorgasburg” Food Market Now Open in Wynwood

Mural located at Smorgasburg food market. (Jessica Reem Abilmouna/PantherNOW)

By Jessica Reem Abilmouna // Staff Writer

A new open-air food market has opened in Wynwood called “Smorgasburg,” offering a wide array of food stands with different types of cuisines and items.

The market had its grand opening Saturday, March 12 with thousands of people attending and trying different foods offered. There are two other locations located in New York and Los Angeles, with the same concept of a variety of food vendors.

The founders of Smorgasburg, Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler, started the market in 2011 overlooking a waterfront space in Brooklyn. They got the name idea from the Swedish word Smörgåsbord, which is a Scandinavian meal consisting of multiple buffet-style hot and cold dishes.

Inside the market and different vendors offered. (Jessica Reem Abilmouna/PantherNOW)

One of the main goals with Smorgasburg envisioned by Gaston Becherano Cohen, who was involved in bringing the market to Miami, is to give the ability for vendors with unique foods creations to test and sell their ideas without the hassle and headache of having to take the risk of opening up a traditional restaurant.

Many Miami favorites are at the festival, including Santo Dulce and Drinking Pig BBQ. Some other popular choices would be Sando Miami, offering an assortment of Japanese-inspired sandwiches, as well as Dale Street Food having a variety of Cuban-Mexican inspired street food.

Pork Katsu sandwich, from Sando Miami. (Jessica Reem Abilmouna/PantherNOW)

Smorgasburg is open everyday Saturday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., about a two minute walk from Wynwood walls. The market is definitely worth checking out even if it’s just to walk around and see what food is offered.

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