Breaking News: Star Player FIU G Tevin Brewer Enters Transfer Portal

Tevin Brewer playing in his time at FIU. Photo by FIU Athletics

Adrian Valdivia / Staff Writer

After a phenomenal season with the Panthers, and cementing his legacy as an All-Conference USA Third Team player, FIU guard Tevin Brewer has announced he will be entering the Transfer Portal this offseason. 

News broke from Brewers Instagram, where he posted his message to the FIU community, thanking everyone who helped him get where he is now. 

Brewer played two years at FIU, progressively getting better every year since his inception into the program.

Being coached by Panthers head coach Jeremy Ballard in his time here, Brewer grew fond of Ballard, saying “I would like to thank Coach Ballard and the FIU Coaching Staff for believing in me and giving me a chance to play at this level… After talks and prayers with my family, I have decided to enter the transfer portal for my last year of eligibility”. 

This season at FIU, Brewer averaged 29 points per game, with 30 minutes of play time in each game. Brewer also led C-USA in assists at one point throughout the year, and was the heart and soul of this Panthers team. 

Regardless of statistics, Brewer always showed energy and gave maximum effort, even when the team was in a slump. 

Coach Ballard has praised Brewer many times, saying “One day it might not be his night to score, but he’ll do whatever it takes to get another man the ball…Brewer plays the most unselfish basketball I’ve ever seen”. With no offers yet on the table, there is bound to be a plethora of choices for this young guard to choose from. 

Teammates and fans alike rallied behind Brewer, and his absence on the court is going to be a rough change in the upcoming  2022 season. 

With younger players such as guards Denver Jones and Petar Krivokapic showcasing their talent this past season, the absence of Brewer can shed more light on these younger players on and off the court. Newer faces will be shown this season, and newer roles will form. With Tevin Brewer gone, FIU hopes to keep their momentum going this offseason, and have another historical start to next season.

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