Need a Spiritual Cleanse? Go to a Rave

Hocus Pocus event at Factory Town, Miami. Carlos Pino/ Staff writer.

By Carlos Pino/ Staff Writer

The night calls for a time of dancing and socializing. For many FIU students, the local rave scene can act as a rite of passage and it should be accepted and appreciated. 

The focus on community, self-care and being open to new experiences is what raves are all about. Although raving and clubbing may seem like mindless partying, it’s actually a practice of spirituality that dates back to the earliest known records of shamanism. 

Much of shamanistic rituals rely on creating hypnotic drum beats or rattles, dancing and facilitating drug use to achieve a state of euphoria. 

Similar parallels can be seen in the modern-day with ravers dancing to hypnotic instrumentals and participating in psychedelics to achieve that same state of mental ecstasy. 

But why is this state of mind considered to be a spiritual experience? 

From my personal experiences with raves, this state of euphoria promotes a positive mindset to ensure that pleasure, whether personal or collective, is nurtured. Making sure you and your loved ones are cared for and are having a positive experience, is a wonderful way to practice general feelings of empathy and humanity.  

Raves and clubs, although can be daunting to jump into, can be a wonderful exposure to social settings— especially for those individuals who are more introverted.

This modern take on ancient shamanistic practices and techniques is coined as “technoshamanism” — our ability to have a spiritual experience through dancing, listening to music and taking mind-altering drugs. 

These conditions pave a way for us to be exposed to new perspectives and familiarize ourselves with different emotions that can result in a deeper understanding of our emotions and mental processes. 

Our fellow student body, as residents and potential participants of the party life in Miami, should be familiar with its local rave scene, whether it is at Club Space, Factory Town, Boombox, or the many other local events taking place.  

Not only should we acknowledge the prevalent rave culture, but we should also participate in it at least once to understand the core spirit of Miami’s unique and eccentric culture. 

Raving, although can be overwhelming or intimidating at first, is a great way to practice social skills. 

Before I began raving, I often struggled with crowded settings and social anxiety. Raves have often put me in positions where I have to be amiable with utter strangers whom I would later remember or feel gratitude for their presence in my life. 

Over time, not only have I met a cornucopia of interesting people, I noticed that my social anxiety became easier to cope with to the point where it feels like it’s no longer an issue. 

The act of dancing for hours in a place with flashing, colorful lights filled with dancing socialites while techno music sets your mind in a trance, can make you feel in-tuned and more comfortable with your body and presence. 

Some interactions at raves can be significant for the development of our principles and philosophies. 

For example, there was a rave I attended while under the influence of LSD. As crowds of people walk by, their trailing conversations echoing in my mind, I see a man approach me while holding a stuffed animal unicorn. One look and he knew I was tripping— must be the dilated eyes. 

He introduced himself as Adonis and proceeded to speak of gratitude towards his father for gifting him such a name. 

Adonis brought the stuffed unicorn into focus. He told me that the unicorn is named Psilocybin and that she is blessed with warm, positive energy. Adonis continued to share that if I were to hug Psilocybin tightly, I will receive all of her positive energy, thus blessing me with a safe and favorable trip. 

I never forgot that interaction. Since then, I performed my blessing on my stuffed animals so that they can provide emotional support through shared warmth and positive energy which has helped dig me out of severe mental crises and episodes. I wouldn’t have ever thought to perform that act I now recognize as self-care, if it wasn’t for that random, kind soul named Adonis. 

Miami is full of eccentric people waiting to have a sense of connection and community with you.  

Even though it’s common to use psychedelics, it’s not a requirement to enjoy the experience of a rave. It’s up to you to voice that first greeting which will lead to memorable moments and relationships. Miami has so much to offer and whether you’ll live here beyond FIU or not, a rave is an experience you don’t want to miss.


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