Learning About Japanese Culture Through The Japan Club

Members of the FIU Japanese Club. Image By FIU Japan Club

By Abdul Djabbour // Staff writer

The Japanese at FIU club started more than 5 years ago for all those who were interested in Japanese culture such as anime, learning the language, or the history of Japan.

Each meeting holds a variety of activities related to the Japanese language and culture to help members learn and hone their skills. They offer homework help and other opportunities to speak and use Japanese.

“Many people come with different ideas and that’s what we want to represent,” said social media coordinator Jeann Hernandez.

The club’s logo is daruma, a wooden doll that people usually buy when they have a personal objective or goal. This represents the members because it is one of the most typical lucky charms in Japan.

One of the wonders that this club offers is free Japanese tutoring on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. where you can learn the Japanese language and put your skills into practice events like events Yuki Onna, a reading workshop where members study the language and read Japanese literature.

Throughout the semester they also host Otakutalk, where members come together and learn about Japanese music and its dances.

This club is open to any FIU student, where everyone shares the same love for Japanese culture and language.

The FIU Japanese Clubs proudly demonstrate their culture and their desire to teach others through their events and collaborations with other Asian FIU clubs. They have collaborated with the Korean Culture Club where they have translated the lyrics of K-pop music into Japanese and sung it, and they have also collaborated with the Sino-US club where they have learned calligraphy.

Members doing origami. Image by FIU Japan Club

“The Japanese FIU club participated in the World fair and we collaborated with the Japanese consulate in Miami and we were able to deliver magazines, they gave us clothes and we are grateful for that and I hope we can continue to do so in the future because this represents the community.” said Historian Naoko Komura.

“Japan Club is an amazing opportunity for people to join because it is a safe place where you can discover many things and it’s a nice place to talk about anime, J-pop and have a good time while you learn” said Komura.

Any student interested in joining to not only learn Japanese but also its history and participate in networking opportunities, can do so through their Instagram, Discord, or website.

“We are open to any ideas and people, we want to make sure that you are having a good time at FIU and show your pride in Japanese culture and your knowledge,” said Hernandez.

Japanese Club FIU  has a website where you can find events, posts, blogs, and legacy sites and also find out everything that is happening in the club.

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