FIU Police Department Warn Against Phishing Scam Attempts

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Samuel Larreal / Staff Writer

FIUPD is currently investigating four phishing cases affecting FIU community members.

On Friday, July 1 Florida International University Police Department issued an email bulletin warning students against a surge of Phishing scams affecting the FIU community. At the moment the police department is unable to provide any specifics about these cases. 

“We know Phishing is becoming more popular among scammers,” said FIUPD Captain Delrish Moss in a statement to PantherNOW. “We’re currently trying to warn faculty and students early, before the issue becomes widespread.”

Phishing Scams, emails and messages that usually imperson reputable organizations to obtain passwords to user accounts, have seen a nationwide increase of 222.9% in the first quarter of 2022. 

The Anti-Phishing Working Group recorded 1,025,968 phishing cases in their first quarterly trends report of 2022. The increase has mainly affected the financial sector.  

How to recognize a phishing attempt. /

Phishing scam communications generally contain attention-grabbing elements, a sense of urgency, deceiving hyperlinks, and malware-infected attachments. 

“These attacks play with human psychology, promising things that are often too good to be true… We just want to warn students that when things seem too good to be true, well they probably are,” said Moss. 

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