FIU Student Caught In Crossfire Still Recovering After Two-Week Coma

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Samuel Larreal | Staff Writer 

On Monday, June 13, FIU psychology student Ashley Rodriguez was shot in her car while driving home from work and was left critically injured. 

Rodriguez, who recovered from a 15-day coma, remains in the intensive care unit of Jackson South Medical Center.

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, Rodriguez was shot in the back around 11 p.m. while taking her usual route home between SW 232nd St and SW 112th Ave, caught in the crossfire between two other vehicles.

“Ms. Rodriguez was driving home from work at the time of the incident, and appears to have been caught in the crossfire of the occupants of vehicles,” said Miami-Dade P.D Detective Carmela Nelson to NBC Miami

Though no individual suspects have been announced, a security camera video posted on YouTube on July 12 shows a white Mercedes sedan crashing into a light pole around the same time and place where Rodriguez was shot. 

Police believe the passengers in that car may have been involved in the shooting, but have yet to identify the other vehicle.

The police are also still trying to determine if the people shown in the video are connected to the shooting.

“She was just coming home from work. I feel like with the video there is some hope that these are the guys. I hope they catch them,”  said Sadia Rodriguez, the victim’s mother, in an interview with CBS Miami.

On Thursday, July 7, police officers handed out flyers and went door-to-door in the areas close to the incident attempting to find more information about the shooters. 

Police encourage citizens who might be able to provide useful information to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477). 

The Rodriguez family recently launched a GoFoundMe campaign to help raise resources for medical expenses.

“If they solve this, someone will pay for what they did and hopefully, she will get a chance to live,” said Rodriguez to CBS Miami.

Both Detective Carmela Nelson and the parents of the victims were unavailable for comment. 

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