Taking a look into 8th Street Kitchen

FIU student picks up an assortment of food from the 8th Street Kitchen | Courtesy of Isabel QuintanillaFIU student picks up an assortment of food from the 8th Street Kitchen | Courtesy of Isabel Quintanilla

Rochelle O’Donnell | Staff Writer

Kicking off the start of the semester, Panther Dining hosted an 8th Street Kitchen tasting tour on Wednesday, Aug. 24 as part of Campus Life’s 2022 Super Student Week of Welcome.

With a menu that updates every day, the tour highlighted consistent favorites from each buffet-style station, including their cornerstone selection of pizzas and pasta hailing from the Italian-themed 500° and Cucina restaurants, respectively.

Among other favorites like Sweet Shoppe’s cookies, eager students previewed 8th Street’s newest dessert addition – oat milk-based frozen yogurt. This new offering, replacing their previous soft serve, acts as an expansion of their limited vegan and vegetarian menu all while the dining hall continues to widen its variety to meet all dietary needs.

“We’re always trying to have new ideas and concepts, especially from a culinary standpoint,” said Marketing Manager for Panther Dining, José Morales. 

A graduate of Public Relations, Advertising & Applied Communications, Morales channeled his interests in graphic design to also spearhead 8th Street Kitchen’s décor revamp, introducing fresh station logos and elements of greenery across the entryway.

He credits his prior courses in Marketing and Digital Editing as large technical influences on his creative process, being where he developed the skills to bring his true vision to life.

“I think we’ve upgraded ourselves every year, taking inspiration from trends happening around us,” Morales says.

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