Former FIU student charged with indecent exposure 

Mugshot following Michael Hwanampe arrest.

Alexander Luzula | Staff Writer 

A former FIU student was arrested on Aug 30 after exposing himself to a female student in the Chemistry and Physics Building.  

Michael Hwanampe, 25, was arrested and charged with felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor lewd and lascivious behavior, non-violently resisting an officer and possession of marijuana.  

Hwanampe followed the victim into an empty classroom, striking up a conversation with her, according to arrest records. He then suddenly turned off the lights, exposing his genitalia and masturbating while reportedly telling her “nobody’s here.”  

The victim turned the lights on and attempted to leave, but Hwanampe stood in front of the door and refused to move until she appeared to be calling the police. He then followed her for two to three minutes before eventually leaving before the police could arrive. 

 The victim called the police later in the evening after she saw Hwanampe attending class on campus. 

When officers came to arrest him, Hwanampe attempted to resist arrest by moving away from officers while being cuffed. Police also searched his backpack, finding a small amount of marijuana. 

FIUPD Captain Delrish Moss was unavailable for comment.   

Hwanampe was appeared in court the following day, Aug 31, where Circuit Court Judge Mindy S. Glazer set his bond at $6,000 and ordered him to stay away from the victim as well as university premises. 

Glazer also noted that Hwanampe is currently being detained as Immigration and Customs Enforcement determine whether or not he will face deportation.  

Despite claiming to be an FIU student during his court hearing, university officials have stated that he is actually a former student. 

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  1. Woah! That’s scary. Great article though. It’s good to let people know of potential dangers on campus.

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