Venezuelan Student Alliance hosts El Arepazo

Members of VSA at El Arepazo event | Abdul Djabbour, PantherNOWMembers of VSA at El Arepazo event | Abdul Djabbour, PantherNOW

Abdul Djabbour | Staff Writer

The smell of Venezuelan food lingered through Modesto Maidique Campus from the Venezuelan Student Alliance’s annual arepa event.  

VSA presented a three-hour event from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Oct. 5 at the GC Pit called El Arepazo where they shared different styles of food from Venezuelan cuisine.

The staple of their event is the arepa, a creation of Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine originating from both nations’ indigenous tribes.

Arepas have become a popular food in various parts of the world and at El Arepazo they’re the highlight of the afternoon.

This event expanded the cultural appetite of students and also taught them about Venezuelan food. The event was open to all students. Many students from different countries joined the association to learn from other cultures and unite Latin forces. 

 Food table at El Arepazo event | Abdul Djabbour, PantherNOW

“I am Peruvian, my family is Peruvian, but I am proud to be part of the Venezuelan Student Alliance because the Latin culture unites us and it has helped me learn a little more about other cultures and also share my Peruvian culture,” said David Canales, a sophomore and director ambassador of VSA. 

The event coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrating with food, music, and a totally unique, Latin atmosphere. 

“This event works a lot to connect with our Latin roots, I felt at home listening to merengue playing in the background and eating an arepa,” said Veruska Ifill, a junior and VSA ambassador.  

VSA distributed more than 350 cachapas, tequeños and arepas and more than 400 students participated in the event, making it the most attended VSA event this year.  

VSA members also danced and sang karaoke at the event, teaching students how to dance to Latin music like merengue, bachata, drums and salsa. 

Students at GC pit making the line for El Arepazo event | Abdul Djabbour, PantherNOW

“More events like this are what FIU needs. I had fun singing karaoke, learned to dance merengue and connected with incredible people,” said Maria Saenz, a junior and VSA ambassador.

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