Cue The Laugh Track: Wild’n Out Comes To Biscayne Bay Campus

Three co-stars from the show Wild’N Out set up the set with some introductions and conversation with the audience.

Andres Rivera | Contributing Writer

Hennessy Sepulveda | Photographer

The stars were shining at BBC on Jan. 25 as the Wild’N Out Cast members appeared for a comedy sketch that included the student body here at FIU. 

Comedy and culture were in the melting pot this evening. Haitian, Jamaican, and many Latino and Latina students all combined to make for a new slam into what it means to be multicultural, leading to an unforgettable night.

The lines were long, and the tickets sold out. Students attending FIU got in free,but that didn’t stop the surrounding community from joining the fun event hosted by FIU’s Student Programming Council.

American rapper Reginald Sergile AKA “Conceited”, Emmanuel Hudson AKA “Kosher”, and American comedian Jessie Woo joined the stage with laughter in  their arsenal.  

Conceited is mainly known for his time on Wild N Out appearing as a cast member alongside Nick Cannon. 

Emmanuel Hudson is an American comedian known for his viral YouTube videos “Ratchet Girl Anthem” and “Asking All Them Questions”.

Jessie Woo, a Haitian American Comedienne, Singer, is also an FIU Alumni known for her time on the hit TV show Love and Hip Hop.

  The teams wait patiently for the segment to begin so they can show off their skills to the audience and co-stars in Wild’N Out fashion.

To kick off the night in Wild’N Out fashion, members of the audience were chosen randomly and brought to the stage to face off against each other sporting the FIU colors: blue versus gold. All segments are the same routine as shown in Wild’n Out.

The first segment was “Pick Up And Kill It”. 

The objective of this game was to come up with the best diss in a rhyme scheme that matched the chanting of the audience. 

Some of the lines were witty but some (like an allusion to another student’s mother) got the job done and kept the crowd roaring a little more simply. 

Bringing home the first win of the night was the gold team chosen by the louder roar from the crowd.

The second segment was “Let Me Holla.”

Three random audience members were chosen to come up and stand idle so a member from each team one by one could get a chance to spit a fire pick up line and impress the cast and audience with their game. 

“I like your edges: I’m tryna get laid like them,” took the crowd by storm.

Blue brought the heat and scored the second win of the night.

The third segment “Kick ‘Em Out the Classroom” left each member of the teams to fend for themselves with their rhyming capabilities, each having to battle for a spot to stay in by sheer rhyme skills in keeping up with flow and scheme from the student before them. 

The audience got wild in preparation for the show to begin.

These were only a few of the truly wild events from the night – a night to remember as students got loud with the WildNOut crew.

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