Panther Feud unexpectedly draws crowd during Blue and Gold Week

Panther Feud was a surprise gem of Blue and Gold Week | Ana Mancebo, PantherNOW

Ana Mancebo | Contributing Writer

It’s only the first month of the year and Panthers are already feuding. 

On January 24th at the Graham Center pit, FIU got a taste of what it’s like to partake in a game show. 

For Blue and Gold Recruitment Week, students got the opportunity to team up against each other and play “Family Feud” panther style. The event was hosted by game show entertainer Doug Shannon, who has spent over 50 years hosting games all through South Florida. 

The conclusion of Panther Feud | Ana Mancebo, PantherNOW

There were three rounds of games, each with two teams of 4-5 people. After each game during the “Fast Money” round, Shannon would ask two players from the winning team the same set of questions, with the purpose of both players’ answers adding up to 200 in total. 

Shannon asking Team 2 contestant a question | Ana Mancebo, PantherNOW

It was not only the players that were enjoying themselves: the crowd was ablaze with liveliness, with spirited reactions rippling through the groups of people watching as the event took place.

As people passed through GC, they could not resist Shannon’s dynamic hosting, and many students who had not initially planned to attend the event ended up staying to watch their peers compete. 

“Panther Feud” was such a hit that there were not even enough chairs to seat everyone who was interested. The audience was packed, with a crowd of people cheering as they watched the game while standing up behind the rows of occupied chairs. Everyone had their fair share of laughter throughout the event. 

“It’s a lot of fun having people forget about their problems, having a good time, just letting loose,” Shannon said. 

In addition to giving Panthers a social and memorable evening, the “Panther Feud” event also encouraged campus involvement, with students in the Black Student Union, Student Programming Council, Registered Student Organization Council, and other bureaus underneath Campus Life participating in rounds of the game. 

Though “Panther Feud” was certainly competitive, after such a fun and energetic night, everybody went home a game show winner.

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