SGA provides free menstrual products in Graham Center women’s restrooms

Graham Center dispenser. PantherNOW/Elise Gregg

Alexander Luzula | Staff Writer

The FIU Student Government Association, with the aid of the Graham Center, is providing free menstrual products in the womens’ restrooms as they work to make due on an initiative launched by the SGA Executive Board last fall.

SGA President Cristhofer Lugo said this plan was discussed by previous student administrations during the past few years, but didn’t gain traction until recently.

“I really put a lot of force into it, by doing more research, and looking for a company that was sustainable,” said Lugo. “This idea has been in the works for a while, but it finally pushed through.”’

Above all, Lugo and his administration hope that this benefits FIU students by providing them with quality products that they can use in an emergency without concern. 

“For our students this time around, it’s more of a holistic view. When GC started, the products were not the best quality, so we ensured to bring the best for our students.”

According to Lugo, the first initial set of dispensers were provided through the Graham Center’s own expenditure budget, and hopes to use this first wave as an example for other facilities and for administration to do the same.

“It’s a step forward, so we can show administration that if the Student Union or the rec centers took the step, the other department buildings around campus should continue,” said Lugo. 

The free dispensers are currently available in GC bathrooms, though Lugo signed an executive order on Feb. 8 to expend nearly $30,000 on 10 more dispensers and products, with six in GC, two in the Rec Center at MMC, one in the Rec Center at BBC and three in the Wolfe Center.

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