UCC courses are your small steps to big dreams

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Heidi Cuevas | Contributing Writer

The first two years of colleges and universities around the world consist of completing the university core curriculum — it may be exhausting but, in the long run, they’re necessary for our growth as students and future professionals.

  It’s easy to forget the importance of learning when it’s associated with all-nighters to complete homework or to study for a big exam the next day. A big complaint about university core curriculums is taking classes that have little to do with students’ interests, like an english major student required to take math courses.

But the university core curriculum is created to “develop productive, creative and responsible citizens who can lay the foundation for tomorrow” according to the Academic and Career Success undergraduate catalog. These courses enable students to think critically and, at the same time, ignite passion in a specific interest. They’re the base of future excellence, academically and professionally.

When it’s time to start enrolling into classes for the next semester, it’s important to keep in mind that these courses are only the beginning. Just before you jump into the pool, you dip your toes in the water to get an idea about how cold or hot the water is — UCC courses give you the opportunity to dip your toes in your chosen major.  

These courses allow you to explore other interests you have that you have not yet tapped into. As an english major, I find other topics fascinating such as law or psychology. Therefore, taking an introduction course in one of these topics would be something I enjoy even though it’s not required in my degree.

Realistically, there will be classes you may need to take that will, unfortunately, not be compelling. Even though it’s understandably difficult to thrive in a class that doesn’t ignite an immediate interest, these non-degree focused courses are needed for you to take the first steps toward your dream career path. 

Returning to the english major student example, math may seem unnecessary at first, but they’ll eventually realize that math helps them practice problem-solving skills in unfamiliar territory. Allowing the student to have a better understanding with their ability to retain new information will expand their way of thinking and possibly find a hidden talent for the topic. 

Connecting personal goals and the value of the course will help students become motivated to complete the core curriculum courses with more effort. If a student believes they are not being academically challenged then taking a new topic can help them or if a student decides they want to minor in addition to their major then a non-degree focused course can spark a hidden interest. Since students spend a majority of their time in FIU classrooms then we should find a way to enjoy the time in our own, unique ways.

At the end of the day, UCC courses have a hidden value to them that is easy to overlook. Therefore, it’s important to remind our Panthers to keep going and help them realize their efforts are not going to be overlooked in the long run as long as you prioritize all classes equally.


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