Game Night: A student’s duality of academic and fun

Students play table tennis and enjoy pizza | Kaysea Suzana, PantherNOW

Kaysea Suzana | Staff Writer

Sounds of friendly banter and joy ruled the Graham Center during Wednesday’s game night.

The event held at the Modesto Maidique Game Room on March 15 saw a multitude of students visit from 7-9 p.m. 

The event was hosted by four engineering organizations including the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society.

Many engineering students were present at the event, but guests of all majors joined in on the fun.

The event called attention to the difficulties of sustaining a work-life balance with academics, specifically with the rigidity of engineering courses.

Acaydia Campbell, senior student, and Vice President of the National Society of Black Engineers believed that the game night was the solution to this issue.

“A lot of events are career fairs, workshops, and internships. We just got out of midterms and the last thing we wanted is to get people more high-strung. It’s time for people to relax,” Campbell said.

Daniela Alayon, senior student and vice president of the society of Hispanic engineers added,  “We often focus too much on professional development and careers, and often forget that we should find ways to stretch out and have fun. A sense of a break. A way of living life.”

Students faced off in matches of ping-pong, and pool, as well as tense games of uno, and even rounds of chess.

Some students even played video games, including Mario Party Superstars or NBA 2K23

Snacking on free slices of Domino’s cheese and pepperoni pizza, students bonded with peers of all majors.

Although the event seemed to be positively received by many, some students such as Jared Marzan, a junior majoring in craft design, thought it to be lackluster, stating that “[his] college experience has been pretty dull, and most events haven’t impacted it.”

However, Marzan went on to echo a commonly felt idea among university students; that there need to be ways to relieve stress, and allow themselves to enjoy life despite academic endeavors.

“What’s the point of doing so much college work if there’s no activity to entertain yourself? Events like these are necessary because if they weren’t, it’d be ridiculous to constantly work.”

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