Roarthon 2023: “Stronger Than I Look”

Roarthon student team members | Isabella Cabrera

Emily Martinez | Contributing Writer

At FIU’s Roarthon, physical activity and endurance is key in funding a good cause.

Roarthon is an annual fundraiser where both student organizers and attendees dance and enjoy activities in honor of patients of children’s hospitals. To encourage physical stamina and energize attendees, no one was allowed to sit down for a few hours.

The athletic event took place on April 1st at the Modesto Maidique Campus and concluded with over $35,000 being raised for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Hosted in the Wellness and Recreation Center, the south basketball courts held various activities for the participants throughout the event, from inflatable basketball hoops to Nintendo Switches that guests could play on.

In addition, performances from acrobats and acapella groups and hip hop dancing classes kept participants on their feet.

Morale Captain pairings with their banner | Isabella Cabrera

Morale Captain Isabella Cabrera, a sophomore majoring in early childhood education, shared her love for Roarthon.

“I love Roarthon because it has given me the opportunity to impact children’s lives… [it] connects me even more to a cause I love so much. As a morale captain, I am like a cheerleader for these kids during difficult times, and seeing the joy on their faces makes everything worthwhile!”

The Roarthon team also provided food and snacks for those at the event. PDQ, IHOP, and Crumble Cookies were a few of the meals given out. 

Participants left Roarthon with various free giveaways from IKEA, FIU, and Roarthon. These prizes include coupons, water bottles, and T-shirts.

The goal was for each individual to raise $125 to contribute to the total money raised by collecting donations from family and friends, as well as create a basket of goodies for patients of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 

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Roarthon team reveals the total raised for the event with their slogan, “Kids Can’t Wait” | Isabella Cabrera

At 6pm, the lights went out, and a DJ hosted an hour-long rave. Attendants danced the night away with light up foam sticks and glow sticks.

The student team most involved in fundraising, meetings, and the event itself was awarded the Miracle Cup at the end of the night.

Phi Mu, a sorority on campus, took home the trophy with a promise to stay involved with the cause and excitement for the next Roarthon. 

Winners of the Miracle Cup | Amparo Velasquez 

Marathon director Alexis Murray, a sophomore majoring in hospitality and tourism management, thanked everyone for their contributions to the event.

“Being a part of the Roarthon team taught me that no matter how big or small a donation may be, every dollar counts. Every dollar goes towards kids in the hospital being able to get better and see their family and Roarthon makes this happen by raising money with a passionate committee whose efforts go all year,” said Murray.

“Thank you to everyone who raised money, advocated and worked so hard this year for the kids. Your efforts are seen and greatly appreciated.”

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