New anti-LGBT bill puts trans youth at risk

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Mariantonia Mejia | Staff Writer

Attacks on LGBT, and particularly, trans youth are at an all-time high following a new anti-queer legislation.

Senate Bill 254 would let the government kidnap children from parents who are seeking out gender-affirming healthcare for their trans kids. It would also criminalize healthcare providers that offered this opportunity to trans youth.  

Though the bill doesn’t explicitly state this, the wording is broad enough the law potentially applies to parents or siblings receiving gender-affirming care and transitioning themselves. 

This disturbing bill follows the frightening trend of conservative governments in Florida actively targeting queer people. They introduced SB 254 introduced shortly after SB 952, or the Reverse Woke Act. It requires employers that provide healthcare covering gender-affirming treatment to also provide coverage for de-transitioning, even if the employee is not with the company. 

Obviously, under such strict liability rules, employers are much less likely to provide healthcare coverage for gender dysphoria, making trans healthcare— a medical necessity— completely inaccessible. 

Trans people actively persecuted in the United States, and Florida the worst offender. The United States actively persecutes trans people, and Florida is the worst offender.

Every day, new pieces of legislation introduced specifically target trans people and youth. Cis people must open their eyes to the massive privilege they have and use that privilege to keep their trans friends and family safe. 

Amelia Leon, student leader for the Pride Student Union at FIU, believes this pattern of legislation advocates for trans genocide. 

“There are many trans people in this country that take their lives because they are not given proper access to healthcare,” said Leon. “We are being killed. And not getting the proper healthcare is aiding in that genocide.”

Queer people are wrongfully a scapegoat in the political sphere for any issue regarding children. People are wrongfully blaming LGBT history taught in schools and drag queens for their kids’ childhood trauma.

The issues conservatives choose to focus on, especially those concerning our youth, are genuinely laughable. 

In 2023, there were 13 mass shootings and around 20 people killed as a result in Florida alone. In the United States, there have been 131 mass shootings and 185 fatalities. We are in April. 

It’s absurd how the government is focusing on demonizing trans people, who are simply after life-changing healthcare, rather than much larger threats like gun violence. This shows a basic lack of care for human life.

Conservatives seemingly don’t care about queer people, but they do care about convincing their loyal voters that the LGBT community is the biggest threat of our time. This way, they draw attention away from other issues, like school shootings.

Queer people are in danger in Florida and the entire United States. If there are queer people in your life, be their support. If there are trans people in your life, keep them safe. 

“I don’t want you just defending me when I’m in the room. I want you defending me when I’m outside the room too,” said Leon. “You have privilege as a cis person. Use it to fight for us.”

Do not fall into the conservative trap of fearing those who you do not understand. Trans people are not a danger. Bigotry and hateful legislation are. 


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