FIU baseball cold streak continues, drop sixth straight to Stetson

Sophomore Bryan Loriga getting ready to bat. Photo courtesy of FIU Athletics.

William Duval | Staff writer 

After five consecutive losses, FIU Baseball’s losing streak continues, losing 6-4 to the Stetson Hatters on April 4, 2023, at Melching Field in DeLand, Florida. 

Looking to snap their recent cold streak, the Panthers struck early. In the first inning, FIU’s first hitter at-bat, redshirt senior Mike Rosario, was walked. This would immediately be followed up by sophomore Bryan Loriga, delivering a single. 

Loriga’s hit allowed Rosario to advance to third place, placing him in a prime position to score. Redshirt senior Alec Sanchez then made a hit, resulting in a fielder’s choice, allowing Rosario to score the Panthers’ first run of the night.

FIU held a 1-0 lead until the third inning, where Sanchez would make his impact once again. 

At the top of the third inning, freshman Roylan Quevedo would make a hit for a double. Rosario followed this up with a hit of his own, good enough for a single and for Quevedo to advance to third.

After two hitters were struck out, Sanchez stepped up to the plate once again, hammering in a triple, allowing both Quevedo and Rosario to score. 

FIU increased their lead, holding a 3-0 lead over the Hatters, who were looking to close the gap.

Freshman Lorenzo Meola made Stetson’s first hit of the third inning, delivering his team a single. Sophomore Andrew Estrella followed this up with a hit of his own, resulting in a single coming from a fielding error. 

With two runners on base, graduate student David Bermudez made a hit, allowing Meola to reach home plate and score. 

The Hatters’ offense wouldn’t stop there, as sophomore Yohann Dessureault would make a hit leading to a fielder’s choice, capitalized by a run from Estrella. Stetson was closing the gap, with a score of 3-2 after three innings.

Neither team scored until the bottom of the fourth inning, where both Meola and Estrella continued their great play. 

After Meola hit a single and Estrella was walked, graduate Cameron Hill was at bat. Hill made a hit to center field, allowing both Meola and Estrella to score once again.

Stetson was up 4-3 by the end of the fourth inning and would hold FIU scoreless through the top of the fifth inning. 

Redshirt sophomore Jake Bullard helped the Hatters expand their lead, hitting a single that allowed redshirt junior Christian Pregent to score. Stetson’s lead grew larger, ballooning to 5-3.

The Hatters maintained this lead until the eighth inning, where FIU needed to respond. 

In the first at-bat of the inning, Sanchez made a massive hit down the right-field line, resulting in a home run for the Panthers. Sanchez’s hit brought the game within reach, cutting down FIU’s 5-4 deficit. Unfortunately, that would be their last score of the game.

At the bottom of the eighth inning, Pregent made a hit, allowing Hill to run in for the score, bolstering Stetson’s lead 6-4. 

Stetson’s defense held off the Panthers’ offense through the remainder of the game, as FIU would lose with a score of 6-4. The Panthers’ record now sits at 13-17 after a rough five-game stretch.

FIU is looking to get back in the win column in their next matchup against the FAU Owls. The game will be played on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at FIU Baseball Stadium. 

First pitch is set for 6:30 p.m. with the broadcast being aired on C-USA TV.

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