Commuters, here are some FIU perks you should know about

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Heidi Cuevas | Contributing Writer

Students, particularly commuters, often miss out on the benefits FIU provides which results in them not receiving their money’s worth. As a commuter myself, by exploring, I found hidden gems within our campus that people should know.

My first two semesters as a freshman consisted of attending class then going home. I took the time to focus on understanding how the school system worked, as well as my courses. As I look back, I realized I’ve missed fun events like Summerfest that I would’ve enjoyed had I known about them. However, checking my emails was the last thing on my mind. 

But, by exploring Modesto Maidique Campus this semester, I found hidden gems that are now part of my everyday experience. For example, I’m saving money and gas by using the school’s gym, only a five minute walk from my class. No monthly payments nor driving necessary — I only need my student ID.

I also occasionally take walks in FIU’s nature preserve to clear my head, especially since finals are coming.

Since finals are among us, study spots across campus are crucial to focus on acing your final. Luckily, there are quiet floors in the Green Library, floors three and up, ideal for a quiet place to study.

During midterms and finals, the library fills up. However, everyone there has the same goals: to have a quiet space to study and focus on assignments. So don’t feel awkward exploring these floors to find your ideal study spot.

Nora Cunningham, a first year marketing major, stated that the library is one of her go-to spots on campus since she enjoys the view of the quiet floors. 

 “I like the quiet floors because the higher up you go, the better the view of the campus,” she said. “The view on the seventh floor is my favorite. It is my place to go to relax or focus.”

FIU also offers Pantherfit classes, which occur Monday through Saturday at different time intervals. Whether you’re a morning or a late afternoon gym goer, they have hour-long yoga, Zumba, cycling, and more classes available. Students new to the gym often feel intimidated or alone, but these classes get your heart pumping and your body moving to music with encouraging instructors. 

The university also provides important, stress-relieving benefits for your car. My entire day depends on my car running, so it’s crucial that I maintain it. If my car tires are running low on air, I’ll go to a free inflation station around campus that is easy to use. Worse comes to worse and my car needs to be jump started, help is closer than ever, free, and only a phone call away.

It’s unfortunate students only know these things by searching or stumbling upon them. Students should be aware of these perks due to advertisements around campus or emails from student life. However, since a majority of commuters have a tendency to attend class then leave, campus isn’t viewed as an ideal place to stay. 

Triniti Wade, a fourth year english major, commutes to MMC campus. Although she’s heard of these perks, her schedule doesn’t give her the chance to try them out herself.

“I heard about the Panther Mover and Green Library’s quiet floors, but not the car washing service,” she said. “I’m never there, so it just wouldn’t be of use.”

Whether you’re a commuter or living on campus, all students should enjoy their time on campus in order to promote a healthy relationship with their academics. These perks can improve your day and remove negative thoughts of school if you take the time to explore them. Swinging benches, nature, breathtaking views and more are only a walk away.

Ultimately, it’s understandably difficult to make time and enjoy the little things in life. But FIU perks make it easier for all students to take care of other priorities. Whether it’s maintaining your car, finding a quiet place to work, or improving your health, these gems are part of your tuition. So take the time to enjoy these hidden gems as an FIU student.


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