FIU Theatre’s Necessary Targets shares a powerful message about resilience

Necessary Targets performance | FIU Theatre

Nicole Rodil | Staff Writer

FIU Theatre ends the Spring semester with a topical drama, in contrast to their lighthearted comedies earlier this semester. 

On April 7-16, FIU Theatre will grace the stage with their performance of Necessary Targets. Adapted from Even Ensler’s book, this play delves into the world of womanhood and war. 

Directed by FIU’s associate professor Lesley-Ann Timlick, this play allows viewers to confront the truth of war and its lingering effects on women. 

The play centers around two Americans, a Park Avenue psychiatrist and an ambitious young writer, who travel to Bosnia to assist women refugees in confronting their war memories. 

Though the two have very little in common other than how they distance themselves from their careers, they both emerge profoundly changed as they confront their own fears regarding violence, resilience, and war. 

“I hope the audience connects with each character and realizes that they are on a journey,” said actress Christina Tsitouris to PantherNOW. “Around the world, we hurt all the same, we have the same pains–and we go through it as a community.” 

FIU Theatre reflects deeply on many serious issues throughout this play, such as sexual abuse, and trauma, and shows characters viewers can universally empathize with.

“I think it’s really important that it shows that life doesn’t just stop, but that we continue fighting or trying to live,” actress Lia Rodriguez told PantherNOW. “If you’ve seen the poster, it’s a flower emerging from concrete. Like these characters, they’ve been beaten and battered, but they’re still so full of life.” 

The cast and crew underwent strenuous rehearsals in preparation for this show, rehearsing all week and even weekends as opening night approached. 

With rigorous hours like 10 AM to 8 PM, director Lesley-Ann Timlick and vocal coach Rebecca Covey have been trying to make the process as comfortable as possible for the actresses. 

“They always put me first, they ask if i’m okay, and tell me to not put myself out there. They ask us to tell them if we are not comfortable, and always ask us for consent before we move on.” Tsitouris told PantherNOW.

The FIU Theatre actresses explain that challenging parts of this project have also been the most rewarding–a sentiment similar to the message of the play.

“My biggest challenge, because I find myself loud and confrontational, has truly been finding that softer and sweeter side of me, ” said actress Paige Dziedzic to PantherNOW. 

Necessary Targets shares a crucial message of triumphing over hardships and building sisterhood with its audience, and FIU Theatre hopes the audience carries it beyond the auditorium. 

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