FIU’s live entertainment should be inclusive for online students

Graphic by Alba Rosa/PantherNOW.

Kailey Krantz-Diaz | Contributing Writer

I started my FIU journey through a computer screen. 

While being online allows me to be flexible with my class schedule and complete assignments at my own pace, there was something I missed from being an in-person student: on-campus events. 

I wanted to show off my school spirit by attending some of these events, as I believed it would be fun to meet other FIU students and learn about the programs hosting these events.

So you could imagine my dismay when I found out most of the virtual events posted on FIU’s Handshake were for just career opportunities and workshops. Not only that, the FIU Events Calendar only puts on-campus events at the forefront of the website. 

One event I would’ve loved to see was the FIU Pride Student Union’s Intergalactic Drag Show that happened last month.

When my friend told me about it, I had no idea the event was occurring until the day of. I only had videos that she posted a week later to see how fun it was. 

Meanwhile, the only student events I’ve ever attended throughout the semesters were a virtual author visit about the novel The App Kid and a virtual introductory workshop about the Disney College Program.

There are also so many other forms of live entertainment, such as plays, festivals, concerts, etc. that I would love to see. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to because they are on-campus events and I am unable to drive there.

Due to these experiences, there’s a disconnect between involving the in-person students and online students in school activities. 

The virtual live entertainment events, however, are far and few in-between, compared with the multiple events the university has for on-campus students.

This is a missed opportunity for FIU to welcome online students into campus life by not having these fun events available to them. FIU could provide an inclusive outreach for online students to enjoy entertainment events without having to feel left out or experience FOMO, or fear of missing out.

However, it doesn’t mean the issue isn’t solvable. 

FIU can start live streaming their events so online students can watch from home. 

Offering virtual livestreams alongside physical tickets could pique online students’ interest and give them the chance to experience these events they would’ve otherwise missed, thus making them feel more included in the student body.

If FIU prides itself on community fostered between students, why leave out online students on the fun stuff? 

Let online students have a voice on what social events they want to attend and how they want to attend, so that come graduation day, they can say they made good memories while learning through a screen.


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  1. I feel you , I’ve been an online student as well and FOMO is big on this type of events

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