FIU Alumna and designer Jerchovia Moxey strives for style and sustainability

Jerchovia Moxey shows clients how fashion-forward and bold upcycling can be | Jerchovia Moxey

Hennessy Sepulveda | Contributing Writer

For designer Jerchovia Moxey, sustainability and upcycling are always in vogue.

For the FIU alumna, shopping for clothes was always a challenge. Her distinct style often made her think that clothes she found in stores did not have design patterns or colors enthusiastic enough to compliment her style. 

So she took it upon herself to make a mark with Moxey, her upcycled clothing brand that specializes in high end secondhand fashion. 

 “It was entertaining for myself to design clothes that I couldn’t find in stores,” said Moxey. 

Her journey began after completing an undergraduate degree in Indiana in 2015. Moxey then returned home to Nassau, Bahamas, working in social media marketing while also ghostwriting for blogs. She’d begin working behind the scenes and establishing her voice within the fashion space. 

“I’ve learned how fashion and clothing release an impact on confidence, that’s how I dress the way I dress and I wanted to create something that can give statement pieces for people to embody the same confidence that I felt.”

It was during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 when Moxey made her way to Miami to pursue her graduate degree and aim her focus on becoming a hands-on creative, designing clothes for her own line.

She already had experience utilizing other garments and hand-me-downs to make one-of-a-kind pieces.  “I would always find myself cutting things up and gluing them back together.”

Moxey’s design of a colorful jacket featuring strips of PantherNOW newspaper | Gabriella Portela

Through word of mouth, Moxey would discover the Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator fellowship , a program that aims to foster entrepreneurship among creatives at FIU by aiding fellows in transforming their projects into viable, socially conscious products and businesses.

Yet, the year’s fellows had already been selected. Still determined, Moxey would submit her application with a bold sell. 

 “I am the fellow you forgot to add,” wrote Moxey in her application. 

A self described entrepreneur at heart, Moxey  knew the Ratcliffe program would provide her with what she needed to progress; a space to work and a support system that held her accountable for the goals she set for her brand.

“They couldn’t get rid of me because I always made myself visible,” said Moxey.

After meeting with the program director Jacek J. Kolasiński to show him some of her designs, Moxey was subsequently added as a fellow to the fifth Ratcliffe Cohort.

“Jerchovia is one of those students or individuals you meet in your life that essentially aren’t scared of moving forward,” said Kolasiński. He emphasized how Moxey’s creativity has led her to become a multifaceted individual who is efficient with her work that actively looks to progress.

Expression through clothes is foundational to Moxey. The brand, named after herself and a double entendre to the word “Moxie” is a direct reflection of her personal aesthetic and style. 

“The woman who puts on my statement piece gets to borrow my confidence as it helps her rebuild hers,” Moxey said while explaining that she pours her heart and soul into every piece she makes.

Following in the program’s tenets, each piece made by Moxey is sustainably sourced from upcycled materials and the brand has no interest in making one-offs. 

As trend cycles come and go, Moxey’s mission is to make statement pieces that provide customers with multiple outfit opportunities for each garment instead of seasonal items that will be forgotten, adding another layer to sustainability.

Moxey is currently working on a multi-wear line that will echo her passion for reusability in clothes. Though the brand’s current focus is on women’s clothing, Moxey expects to begin producing both men’s wear and unisex apparel in the future.

Moxey’s 2023 line will be available for viewing at

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