The Crown pageant lets Homecoming court candidates shine

The Crown candidateLast year's King and Duchess presenting the Duchess candidate, Cristina Pascal | Katherine Mon, PantherNOW

Katherine Mon | Contributing writer 

Homecoming candidates captivated guests at the Crown with their dance moves and speeches.

On Saturday, Sep. 16 in the Student Academic Success Center building, the Homecoming committee hosted their annual pageant, The Crown.

Greeted by the last years Homecoming king and duchess, The Crown presented twelve  candidates for the 2024 homecoming court. Each candidate had a chance to introduce themselves to the audience and judges. 

They gave a brief description about the clubs, sororities or fraternities they are involved in and the ways they volunteer and give back to the community. From future lawyers to bio engineers, this year’s homecoming court contestants are great representatives of Panther spirit. 

The next section of the night was a trivia game to test the candidates on their knowledge of FIU history and campus life. 

During a short intermission, those who came to support were able to take pictures in a photo booth with crowns and other props while they waited for the second act to begin.

Audience members were offered FIU merchandise made just for the event which included a mason jar mug, fan baseball cap, and a T-shirt.

The twelve participants were broken into three groups, all assigned different music genres: 2000s R&B, pop, and country. 

Each group had two minutes to wow the audience and most importantly the judges with their moves, with each group dancing to songs from Nelly’s “Hot in Here” to George Strait’s “Write This Down”. 

The last segment of the night was for final questions. Every candidate had a couple minutes to answer why they decided to run for homecoming court. 

“I’m doing it for my mom and those around me, my family and friends. My mom came down from Orlando just to be here for me tonight” said Alexis Murray, Homecoming queen candidate.

“I’m running for homecoming queen because I want to spread awareness for Fostering Panther Pride which funds the homeless students here at FIU. There was a time in my life where I did not know where I would sleep the next day or shower before class.” Nyah Chalker, candidate for homecoming queen.

One by one, participants shared their story at FIU and what drove them to run for homecoming court. Every single candidate had their own unique story and experience at FIU that made them become the proud Panther that they are today. 

Candidates celebrating after giving their final speeches | Katherine Mon, PantherNOW

Satana Way, one of the candidates for Homecoming king, spoke on once being a scared freshman but now is the Student Body Vice President. 

His main goal was to prove that “If he can do it, anyone can,” said Way.  

Anticipation is looming as the winners will be announced at the 2023 Homecoming game Sept. 23.

Make sure to come out and cheer for not only the FIU Panther football team but the winners for the 2023 Homecoming Court!

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