Panther Pride stays strong at the 2023 Homecoming game

Students cheered for the Panthers at the Homecoming football game | Priscilla Pozo, PantherNOW

Priscilla Pozo | Assistant Entertainment Director

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Packed stadium during Homecoming game
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Homecoming court
Homecoming court

The Cage rattled with screams and cheers as the Panthers faced off with the Liberty University flames.

On Sep. 23, FIU had its 2023 Homecoming game, the end to a week-long tradition full of events for students.

The FIU marching band belted out their best pep tunes and showed off their halftime marching show, Good Better Best, a medley of songs like “Malagueña” by Ernesto Lecuona and “Tank” from the 2001 anime Cowboy Bebop.

Students could also take part in hamster ball races, where one student rolled another in a plastic ball to the finish line.

At the end of the game, the candidates for Homecoming Court present in The Crown were finally selected.

Alexis Murray, hospitality and tourism management senior, was crowned Homecoming queen.

“Honestly, this has been the most stressful and rewarding week of my life. I was so honored to be a part of homecoming court. Not only is it for me, it’s for my sisters at Phi Mu,” said Murray.

Last year’s Homecoming queen was alumni Amanda Taylor, a fellow Phi Mu member to Murray.

“My sister won last year and she actually was the one who crowned me this year, so I’m so excited. It’s a collection of so many feelings and I’m honestly so honored and heartwarmed right now.”

Students at the game also spoke to PantherNOW about their thoughts on this year’s Homecoming Week, specifically how the Homecoming team handled the Uncaging being rained out.

“I think they figured out quick what to do. They had like 20 minutes to pull it together,” said psychology health service and administration senior Talia Jones.

Overall, despite some setbacks in the Uncaging and a 38-6 loss to Liberty University, Panthers came together in school spirit.

“I was at last year’s homecoming and it was empty,” said Kyle Fernandez, communications senior. “Now that COVID is over, everyone is here and it’s a great feeling.”

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