HEARTS Art Club draws in creative expression and community 

Members gather for the first “Create Your Own Album Cover” of the semester. | Photo Courtesy of Olivian Aradanas

Natalie Gutierrez  | Staff Writer

FIU’s HEARTS Art Club encourages students to create art as a means of self-expression while fostering feelings of community and togetherness. 

President Asyana Alarcon is a senior and political science major. She credits her talented father for her early interest in art.   

“When I was younger, my dad taught me how to draw. When I would draw something like Cinderella, he made sure that I got the facial features right,” said Alarcon. 

Alarcon feels strongly about her role in establishing a judgment-free zone. The club welcomes those with artistic talent, those who are interested in becoming better artists or others who are simply exploring their creative side. 

“The objective is to create an inclusive environment for people to come and relax at the Frost Museum MakerSpace,” said Alarcon. 

“You don’t have to be able to draw. It is about what you feel like doing. There is no requirement. If a member feels like they’re struggling, we try to encourage them.”

Cate McGinnis, a junior computer science major and vice president of the club, has always had a proclivity for art. 

“I like doing digital art but I’m open to all mediums,” said McGinnis. 

“Art is a way to express yourself. It can be an outlet for creativity or an outlet for your emotions. It is a way to put something on paper that you can’t necessarily tell somebody,” said McGinnis. 

Recently, the club participated in a Halloween Bash along with organizations like Alpha Phi Sigma and Geek Culture Club. 

It was a fun-filled event that included karaoke, pumpkin carving, and painting. There was also a costume contest and a murder mystery game. 

Elizabeth Pella, a junior and human resource management major, shares her experience is a new member. She joined this fall. 

“This is a great place to go, relax and unwind. Not only are you doing art but you’re in a room surrounded by art supplies and paint,” said Pella. 

This semester, the theme is “Create Your Own Album Cover.” There is a designated genre for each meeting and supplies are provided. Members get to sketch and create album art with watercolor paints.  

“Members can submit songs, which makes it feel tailored to the individuals. You can also bring your friends and talk while you paint,” said Pella. 

Alarcon and McGinnis look forward to expanding the club. They are intentional about building their social media presence to not only increase membership but also showcase members and their artwork.  

“We post pretty frequently. After every meeting, we like to show what people did. It is a great way to increase engagement,” said Alarcon.

The ultimate goal is to make art while connecting with those who are equally interested in channeling their inner creativity. 

“I wasn’t a huge artist growing up, but then I got into painting. I don’t usually know what I’m going to paint. I just start and it turns into something,” said Pella. 

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