FIU hosts first PridesGiving event

Decorative pieces on a table where guests wait to eat | Photo Courtesy of Eloy Trier

Isabella Polo | Contributing Writer

The Pride Center and the Pride Student Union brought friendship and reflections at the first PridesGiving event.  

Both Pride members and non-members attended to support their friends and the organizations, and share their perspectives on the university’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ students.

Even faculty and parents of students took time to sit at a table and make new connections within FIU’s diverse LGBTQ+ student body. 

Students came and waited in line for the array of options that awaited: serving turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and vegan-friendly options. 

Juno Egea, a senior majoring in Communications with labor relations, shared what he enjoyed in the event. 

“It seems really cool. Everyone seems to be getting along and the candied yams are really good,” said Egea.  

“It feels really good to know you have spaces on campus to freely express yourself and be with others that are able to freely express themselves,” said Egea. 

Egea also explained their thoughts on inclusivity in FIU.

Alexis Quiroz, a junior majoring in agroecology and earth sciences, shared his perspective despite not being a member of a Pride organization on campus…

“There is awareness but there is no inclusivity,” said Quiroz . 

Pridesgiving opened the doors to not just exclusively students part of LGBTQ+ but really anyone who wanted to join in on this event in support. 

Eloy Trier, a senior natural and applied sciences major, is a co-host for not only this event but many events from FIU’s Pride Center.

Trier emphasized the club’s efforts to provide a safe space for students who may not feel heard or accepted on campus. 

The Pride Center and Pride Student Union will host a Gender Justice Fashion show this Friday, Nov. 17.

“I think it’s really important for us to have a space so we don’t feel alienated and isolated. We can come together and support each other and work together not just for survival but for living,” said Trier. 

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