Letter to the Editor: On The Left-Wing Establishment

"The younger generation needs to wake up and see what's really happening." | Photo by Elise Gregg, PantherNOW

Wayne Lela | Outside Community Member

We used to be able to count on younger generations to challenge and question older generations, challenge and question the status quo, the establishment, the powers-that-be.  You might say it was their job, their function.  And that urge to challenge is probably natural.  Just like in the animal kingdom, where younger animals, for example, will challenge older animals to see who gets to lead and reproduce (“survival of the fittest”), so young people are probably naturally driven to challenge older people.     

The current younger generation, however, is a disappointment and almost an embarassment to previous younger generations.  Instead of challenging the establishment, it is letting the establishment walk all over them, letting the establishment impose its very questionable and arguably corrupt values on them.  The younger generation doesn’t seem to be able to see that it’s being lied to, misled, manipulated, and indoctrinated by the establishment.     

(It should be noted that the current establishment is very left-wing.  Left-wingers dominate the news media, the educational system, the entertainment industry, social media, many government bureaucracies, and even many corporations.)     

Perhaps the best example of the Big Lies the left-wing establishment has successfully spread is the “Born That Way” propaganda.  There never was any solid science to back that up.  Nobody has ever found a “gay gene” in humans yet.  Indeed, the latest science basically proved there are NO gay genes in humans.  But so many people have fallen for the specious propaganda that heterophobic homosexuals are born that way.     

The younger generation needs to wake up and see what’s really happening.  So many of them are being cheated out of a proper education, are being indoctrinated instead of educated.  Sad to say, but they are being played for fools and don’t even know it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In searching to verify the writer’s name, we felt it appropriate to include that he is the founder of Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment, given the content included in the letter.

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