Campus creatives fuel their passion with the Fine Arts Student Association

A group photo from their past event at the Wolfsonian Museum | Photo courtesy of Casamir Padrón

Isabella Polo | Contributing Writer

With so many creatives studying on campus, the Fine Arts Student Association provides a community to express their diverse talents.

The Fine Arts Student Association is an organization on campus that promotes networking between artists. From ceramics to oil painting to even digital design, there is a space for students regardless of the medium they work with. 

Founded in 2011, FASA was an organization that was found inactive just a few years before its reactivation and rebranding in 2022 by now-president, Juliana Triana. 

“This organization allows students to participate in exhibitions where a large quantity of students can view their art which is a great opportunity to promote their art pieces,” Triana said.

As president, event planning is crucial to keeping participation active in this organization. 

Triana described the event planning as collaborative, working with other organizations on campus, where FASA’s editorial board helps to plan ideas for events and marketing.

Triana also mentioned how easy it is to join the clubs, and how members contribute to planning and executing events.

“It is also very easy to get involved with the e-board, we get a lot of suggestions from our members and help them create events based on their projects/ideas,” said Triana.

Their most recent event has been at the Wolfsonian Museum, one of many events organized to build more attention and appreciation toward fine arts students.

“A year ago when I started my major at FIU (Bachelor in Fine Arts) I used to look for art clubs at GC tablings and there would never be any, at the time I didn’t know anyone could create their own organization,” said Triana.

When Triana met with the chair of the arts department, she began working towards bringing FASA back to life. 

Their very first exhibition since the revision was a success, with 23 artists participating and around 70 visitors admiring the art. 

Angeliky Castrellon, vice president of FASA, collaborated with Triana in jumpstarting this organization. She, like Triana, shared the hope of spreading the greatness of art and all its concentrations.

“I value the community we are creating, how students or faculty communicate to us about their upcoming events, and that we get to share them with our members,” said Castrellon. 

Offering workshops, guided museum tours, art meetups, and more, FASA aims to continue this work, opening these events to anyone, even those who are not fine arts majors. 

Casamir Padrón, a social media team member, expressed what they wished more people would understand about this organization and its mission.

“You don’t need to be majoring in Art nor Art History to join FASA. Let alone, you don’t need to be extremely knowledgeable about art to be a FASA member,” said Padrón. 

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